Saturday, 13 July 2013

Summer SEIturday!

Sei-Chan: Hello Dear Friends! Have you missed me? Guess what? Summer is here at last. We have had the most wonderful weather this week and it's set to continue for a while. Woo Hoo!!!! And #1 tells us that the weather is equally nice where she is!

I do not have much in the way of new pictures to share with you today, but here is one in my regular supervisory position on the shelf above #1's desk:

And here is one of me supervising one of the play areas:

I miss my #1 but thank goodness that Tommy is here and can provide the usual snuggles!

#1 was looking through my photo archives and was amused to find a headless shot of me too, following the one of Tama the other day!

And here is a cute photo, taken about a year ago, of me hanging out on #1's bed:

We have a fairly interesting weekend ahead. Ms. R is going to Paris to enjoy the July 14th festivities and we are going to be looked after by Mad Fernant's family (our next door neighbours) and also Ms. S, The Big V's breeder whom we all love.


  1. Enjoy the summerweather !

  2. Oh that sounds like a fun week end. Love the pictures, especially the headless view. Hope all of you have a great week end.

  3. Paris how wonderful!!!!!
    We had had wonderful temps but this week we are going to be in the 90s and I hate that!

  4. Bastille Day?

    Love the pictures you selected..and seeing you is always a pleasure. xoxox

  5. We'd forgotten it was Bastille Day today for you and we hope Ms R enjoys herself. We know your neighbours will take good care of you while Ms R is in Paris and perhaps Tommy will be able to go out with Fernant.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Mowzers, we LOVE your tunnel! And we think you look quite sassy on #1's bed there too!

  7. Enfin l'été. J'espère qu'il restera et que toi Sei-chan, et les autres vous allez profiter longtemps des siestes dehors, au soleil.
    C'est bon aussi d'avoir un bon copain comme Tommy, toujours près aux câlins.
    Profite en bien !

  8. It's nice to know you guys have so many humans looking out for you while #1 is away!

  9. We're glad summer weather is there at last. Happy Bastille day!

  10. HURRAH for hot weather! we hope you all get plenty of beams this week.

    Mommy giggled over how Fernant is now known as "MAD" Fernant.

  11. Wow, Paris, that sounds like a great place to go for the weekend. Hope they have fun and so glad to hear you are being watched over by someone you like so much. It is so good to see you all again. WE got to do a little reading of your past posts. We sure do miss being able to check in all the time.
    Bert & My Vickie

  12. Aw the photo of you snuggling with Tommy is so sweet!

  13. Those were sweet photos, Sei!
    Here is to hoping you all have great weekends no matter where you spend them!
    Lily, WA,USA

  14. We are nice and fully summerfied in the USA. Very nice pictures Sei-Chan. You are one good looking kitty.
    Your pal


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