Sunday, 7 July 2013

Some Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: The weather does not seem able to make its mind. We think it's summer, then it gets cool again, and then warm again... #1 tells us they have been having the hots where she is. Anyway, we have a few new snuggle shots for you today, courtesy of Ms. R.

Here, for a start is me having a snuggle with Tommy:

And, of course, Sei-Chan having a snuggle with Tommy too!

And here is that tart, Genji, giving Ms. R a big smooch:

As for the other members of the Gang, well, we are once again turning to our archives to see what we can dig up:. Here is a picture from January 2010 showing me, a tiny Beebs (at four weeks old) and #1:

Here is Big V, Vidock, at about six weeks, considering a snuggle with Ms. S:

And here is Violette at 5 months, with her Mama, Hôtesse:

See that look she's giving #1? That "I'm coming to live you some day" look?!

We hope you're enjoying getting some of these archival shots along with new pics whilst #1 is away.


  1. glad to see you are all doing so well! #1 will be home before you know it!

  2. Young Vidock and young Violette are really cute ! Loupi and Zorro

  3. We have got the major hots here. Everyone is seeking out the shade.

    Have a great Sunday.

  4. We have had the hots here for a few days now and we must say it is a lot nicer than all the wets and cold of winter.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. It's amazing how much the Percheron's changed!

    Have a great Sunday!


  6. We are only having HOT here. We would appreciate some cold. Those snuggle pics great. We really love trips to before -land. You were all so adorable then and of is now you are all beauties.

  7. Tommy loves his snuggles with all of you. Vidock was a very cute baby. Mum loves little fluffy foals tails.
    It is hot here and expected to last for 2 weeks. We will believe that when it happens.

  8. Great seeing Tommy getting such good snuggles. And love the baby photos. Meow

  9. I love the baby shots, and it's good to see that my pals are being so well taken care of in #1's absence.

  10. It's amazing that the V's were ever that small! We too like the combo of new and older photos.

  11. Are you sure that the picture on that tiny horse is on Vidock ??!!
    Can´t beleive he ever have been that small :)

  12. Wonderful Snuggles! The photo of Tama, #1 and tiny 4 weeks old Beebs is precious! Loving all the review of past photos!
    Lily, WA, USA

  13. Bitty, baby Beebs......squeeeeeee!
    We love baby pictures so much. Was Vidock the cutest baby!
    If that were our mum Genji was kissing, the look on her face would be one of absolute bliss. Kisses from the shining prince would send her over the moon!


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