Monday, 15 July 2013

Manly Monday!

The Beebs: Since Ms. L came to visit us late last week and brought her camera, we actually have some manly photos to share with you!

The best photos, needless to say are of me, The Beebster!

Looking serious:

Looking pensive...

And yes, I am quite aware that that is NOT my Tommy!

Butt-checking with The Genje:

And here is a close-up of our Shining Blue Prince!

Don't you think he looks up to no good?

Here is our Tommy with one his toys:

And being his usual Tommy self!

And Ms. N sent us this shot of the Big V, Vidock:

Don't you think he seems to be gleaming in the sun?

Beebsteroo over and out!

PS: Spot the Super-Manly Yawn!!!!


  1. We really think that shot of Vidock is one on a million. He looks like one of those manly horses from Lord of the Rings - ready to do magical things. You look very good doing the pensive. Tommy is lovable as usual. And the prince - well what can we say but OH YES. THAT is a naughty look.

  2. Bibi thank goodness you weren't tricked by that imitation Tommy and Please remember there will be some young lady cats who visit your blog so please only sniff bums with Genji out of sight of the flashy box. Great pictures of Tommy with his toy. We do believe though that the first prize today belongs to Vidock.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. oh yes he does seem to gleam in the sun! Wonderful!
    Those are some wonderful "manly" shots! Happy Monday!

  4. Hello! Is that Genji in the third the background...yawning??? LOL

  5. Those are some great pictures. That is one great picture of Vidock. Take care all of you.

  6. looks like you guys are doing ok with #1 gone. yep - we are pretty Genji was up to something MOL

  7. What fantastically manly pictures.

  8. Et alors Genji, tu fais du photo bombing...
    Monsieur The Beebs a l'air tout à fait royal.
    Une belle série de photos, agréables à regarder.

  9. I saw the yawn! Although I thought Genji was laughing at the photographer!

  10. Wonderful photos! Thanks!
    Have a good week all!
    Lily, WA, USA

  11. That yawn is super duper manly!

  12. Very snazzy photos of a Manly Bunch

  13. You all look handsome! Vidock , you look especially regale in the sun with your light coloured coat. You are morphing into an almost all grown up Percheron! How did that happen so quickly?!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  14. Beebsterroo, you did an excellent job showing us manly shots and YOU...whoa nelly! Handsome!!!

  15. Yoo all is very manly and it made the mom SQUEEEEEEEEE seeing yoo alls!

  16. Yes, Genji looks a little TOO innocent! Vidock looks like he should have a unihorn like a unicorn.

  17. We love all the manliness in this post! :)

  18. Genji looks as if Ms.L has walked in on him after he's just gotten finished ordering boatloads of noms on the computer! Shine on, little blue prince! Beebs expression in his third photo looks like he might have been up to something too. Oui Oui was right, Vidock does look like a unicorn, sans horn. Tommy tummy! Squeeeeeeee! Snorgle!!!!!


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