Monday, 29 July 2013

Manic Manly Monday!

Genji: Miaow, everyone! Actually, it's #1 who is having the really Manic Monday, not us! She is packing up to leave on Tuesday morning and come home to us and she has a million things to do, so her secretarial duties are a little dubious at the moment.

And I think she is a little rude in describing me and The Beebs as looking somewhat manic in these photos:

After all, we were simply politely requesting to be fed!

An here is a rather manic one of Tommy destroying yet another toy. He has been on a rampage since #1 left...

Fortunately, it seems that #1 has bought him lots of new stuffies in Canada.

As for The Big V, Vidock, we're showing an archive photo, but we think it goes with the theme...

Yep.. He's flying!


  1. We think you boys are manic because you are excited about #1 coming home!! Well, maybe getting fed too ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  2. Hehehe - manic! Yes indeedy. But we are so pleased to hear that #1 is busy getting ready to return.

  3. Vacations end far too quickly! But home is always the most marvelous destination. Especially when snuggly furbabies are waiting! Safe journey!

    Have a lovely day, everybuddy!

  4. You look like you're all excited that #1 is coming home! We're sure you will be so glad to have her home again.

  5. doesn't look "manic" to me, looks happy!

  6. We know you boys on Manly Monday will all be delighted to see your #1 back home again.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Lookin' good, Beebs! Hope No. 1 has a safe trip back home!


  8. I think you all look very excited to see her back!

  9. We know all of you are very ready for #1's return. We are!
    Tell her to have a safe trip. XOXO

  10. Nothing like a manic Monday for getting everyone excited!!

    You must all be so looking forward to #1 coming home!!

    Take care

  11. Yay #1 is coming home soon! I love your manic photos :-) This flying Vidock is amazing!

  12. It looks as though you are all revving up for #1's arrival home! We hope she has a safe journey home. You will all be reunited in no time at all! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  13. Binga must have caught your Manic Monday vibe because she was acting crazypants this morning!

  14. Welllllll, we understand being manic about being fed! Perfectly understandable.

  15. Big V is totally amazing and how handsome can a guy horse GET!? WOW!

  16. It seem very appropriate to be a little manic with the arrival of #1 coming so soon! I am thrilled for all of you!
    Safe journey to #1 and Welcome home!
    Lily, WA, USA

  17. You boys are just overflowing with excitement because you know your #1 will be home soon. And what a treasure trove of delights she'll be bringing with her!
    Vidock, we LOVE four feet up photos! You really are flying!!!
    We wish #1 fair skies, good tailwinds, a comfortable and safe trip home.

  18. Meow-O-My looks like all kinds of excitement from the big return home of #1.
    Yeah you look a little manic to me.

  19. I think all your photos dicribes maniac purrfectly :)


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