Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Tama's Tell-All Tuesday

Tama-Chan: We are posting a little later than usual today as #1 and Sei-Chan (and Tommy) left early for Dr. C's and everyone is always stressed on days when someone is going somewhere. Anyway, they are now safely back home. Little Sei-Chan behaved really well, but Dr. C was a little concerned about the further weight gain. She has put on about a pound since last year, and she needs to lose it by the end of summer, plus another pound by the end of the year. Dr. C did a blood test and we will get the results this afternoon. Paws crossed that all is OK. Anyway, #1 is going to have to figure out how to feed Sei-Chan separately, so we can control what she eats better. I of course shall be there to give her lots of moral support.

In the meantime, here I am, looking my Queenly self in the cat run:

And catching a nice sunpuddle:

...Napping whilst supervising:


  1. It is not always nice to be told that you have to lose some weight Sei -chan but sometimes the doctor knows best. Good luck #1.

  2. I am pleased that all else seems to be well. I haven't had to have any tests so far but I imagine within several years my Dr. will want to create a profile for me.

    Paws crossed for you dear little one.

  3. Oh dear - poor Sei-Chan having to go on a diet - that is easier said than done when they zoom in and eat what's left over in other dishes.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Oh Sei-chan, I hope the diet goes well for you. It is so hard! However, I am sure you will do well with the support of your family.

  5. Paws crossed for the blood test results. Äiti says when you have figured out the feeding arrangements, let her know, We have a whole variety of needs for weightloss!

  6. hope you get a good report. Tell Sei-chan that a diet is better than exercise - she could be forced to run around being chased by Genji and the Beebs!!

  7. Sei-Chan you must explain its all muscle weight
    Benny & Lily

  8. Good luck with diet, Sei-Chan!
    I hope the test result will be back all ok!

  9. We've got our paws crossed for Sei-Chan.
    You are looking quite lovely, Mama Tama. We really like that last pic of you looking so regal, even in sleep. Have a great day! XOXO

  10. Paws khrossed fur it just to be muscle of khourse!

    PeeEssWoo: Hey Tommy - maybe she needs to go fur those walks with woo!

  11. Tu es belle sur ton tronc à l'extérieur Tama, une vraie reine...
    Bon courage pour le régime de Sei-Chan. C'est une vraie galère avec plusieurs animaux dans une maison, de les nourrir différemment. Surtout si un doit manger moins que les autres. J'ai connu ça.
    J'espère que la prise de sang n'a rien révélé de particulier.

  12. I've been having quite a battle trying to get some weight off Gandalf. I have to stand guard to make sure he doesn't bully Grayson and Gracie away from heir bowls.... something he is quite good at. I do hope all tests come back favorably!

    Have a lovely day, everybuddy!

  13. We're praying that your lab tests are as perfect as you are, sweet Sei.

    That seems like an awfully lot of weight to loose in a short time. We know you have the best of vets so we trust her. Are you eating any foods with corn meal in them? It made some of us that were sensitive very chubby. Better now with restricted grain.

  14. We're purring for great results for Sei-Chan and that it won't be too difficult to get off some of the weight.

  15. Good luck on the weight loss program, Sei! Some kitties have different metabolisms and react differently to food than others.

  16. Thunder sympathizes with you, Sei-Chan. No matter how much Mom cuts him back on his intake, he just can't seem to shake those pounds.

    Tama - you are looking as beautiful as ever.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  17. No more late night kitty snacks!


  18. Oh Sei-Chan! We don't like dieting either. We hope you can lose the weight easily.

  19. Oh, Tama, you are purrfect in our eyes! Those you-know-whats are TOO critical! Our mom changed our food to one without filters and we all lost weight while eating as much as we wanted. Feeding one a special diet in a multi cat house is a real challenge, so we're sending supporting purrs #1's way.

  20. Sei-Chan... slow and steady can win this race for you... just take it easy and lose the wieght as you can. Maybe #1 will get a special food to help you and it will maybe have more protein and keep you feeling more full feeling and you will be more comfy. Blessings!
    Lily, WA, USA

  21. Sei-Chan,

    I'm volunteering to come visit you & chase you all around the house, like I do with my sisfur, Morticia. You'd shed those pesky pounds in NO time! :) :)



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