Saturday, 20 April 2013

Somewhat Sunny SEIturday

Sei-Chan: The weather appears to be having one of its frequent identity crises today. It is wanting to be nice but it is also windy and cool, and rather cloudy. This is getting to be quite tiresome. Make up your mind, preferably a sunny mind!

Now, you know how our good friend Daisy often describes how her brother Harley ruins her good times? Well, look at this:


Anyway, we have been enjoying the cat run this week, and #1's improvements. Here I am checking things out:

#1 hasn't yet put up our sky hammocks, but she did put out a couple of comfy baskets for us to sunbathe in!

I have also spent pleasant moments hanging out with my sister Tama:

And of course supervising #1...

I have heard rumours that an appointment has been made for me to go to Dr.C next Tuesday morning. I need my boosters and #1 thinks it would be a good idea to do a blood test, just to make sure that my little weight issue is not hormonal/not affecting my health. This means starvation and imprisonment the night before, although #1 has promised she will sleep with me. Purrs of solidarity would be highly appreciated.

And for some reason, the gratuitous Rufus shots always seem to end up on my post!


  1. What - are you suggesting mancats spoil your good times ? Pöh. No way. We simply enhance the experiences. Your run looks fantastic - ours is a mere swamp. And there was a bird in it. When it was locked and we were all inside.Double pöh.

    Oh come here little one....

  2. We sure do wish you good luck at the vet Sei-Chan. You look good to us. What a fun outdoor catio you have. HOpe all of you have a good week end.

  3. Sei-Chan we will be purring for you when you go to the stabby place next Tuesday. If it's very ouchie a sharp claw in a hand can be a wonderful revenge and reminds them to be more careful next time you visit. Those baskets look very comfy and will give you great snoozes on warm afternoons.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Those baskets look like a great place for taking in some sun!

    Good luck with your vet visit Tuesday, Sei-Chan. Hopefully you'll have a clean bill of health and Number One will have been concerned over nothing with your weight.

  5. Purrs that your V-E-T experience will go smoothly and he will just say your are "big-boned".

    Your cat run has great things in it. We are still finding ours a bit cool, but we did score a woolly caterpillar in it this week!

    Pee Ess - Rufus is looking yummier than ever. MOL!

  6. Good luck with Dr. C, Sei-chan. Shhhh! Don't tell 9 and Chani that ey are going to see Dr. S today!

  7. Surely the weather will cooperate today! Give it a very stern look. It works for Daisy! =)

    Have a lovely day, everybuddy!

  8. Zowie - I love your cat run. You guy really have it made over there. I may have to teleport over and try it out sometime. Good luck at the v.e.t. I'm purring for you.

  9. We seem to be having trouble with the sun here today too. It was shining brightly earlier, but now it keeps darting behind the clouds that are multiplying. It is a bit chilly, but we like that. Mom is complaining because she just came in from watching three soccer games, starting at 8:00 a.m. She said it was a bit brisk for mid-April.

    We hope your visit to the vet goes well and that #1 bombards you with goodies after your starvation time.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Ici aussi on a perdu le soleil. Et comme il faisait beau et doux depuis 9 jours et bien Mlle Hisia ne veut plus de froid humide..Moi non plus d'ailleurs.
    Ca a l'air bien cet endroit dehors avec de l'herbe verte. Je suis certaine que d'ici 2 ou 3 semaines le temps des hamacs viendra...
    Bon courage pour le veto.

  11. Hope your vet visit isn't too traumatic. You know , some kitties are rounder than others, just like beans. Some kitties will never be svelte even if they are put on a strict diet, just like beans. That your are healthy, that's the thing!
    We think you are perfect in every way just the way you are.
    Do you think you might be coming to see Rufus as a friend?

  12. We think your outdoor Catio is SO nice! We wish we had grass like you do.

    Maui says he'll be over to sneak treats to you so no fear of starvation!

  13. Your run is really looking cool and green, Sei! I am sending purrs your way for your vet appointment.

  14. Allie: oh no Sei, not you too? Boys are such pests sometimes!

    And we're all so envious of the cat run over here - it looks like a delish place to catch some sun puddles. And since the doctor ORDERED mother to get more sun (vitamin D deficiency or some such thing) perhaps we can talk her into writing cat run construction off as a medical expense...?

  15. Our weather is wacky was warmer earlier this it's cold...and last night it snowed a little! C'mon...we're so tired of this!

  16. Good luck at Dr C's Sei - Chan. Megat just went to the vet yesterday and everything went done so no worries for you. #1 is doing a really great job with your cat run. It Looks like Asventure-Land.

  17. We had sunny but rather cool. We see your four-sith-ia is blooming. Ours hasn't started yet.

  18. Good luck sweet one and absolutely, purrs just for you for Tuesday. Let us know. xoxox


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