Monday, 8 April 2013

Manly (Muddy!) Monday

Tom: Happy Monday, Everyone! The "Muddy" applies strictly to me this time. You see, I had a bit of fun when I went to see the Vs yesterday and found a most excellent mudpile for my latest idea in sock design!

Front paws:

Hind paws:

Showing off my pawdicure! It takes a little time to dry, you know...

Bibi-Chan: Meee-Ow Everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed the video last week! I keep telling the little pipsqueak he needs to train harder!

Talking of pipsqueaks, can you believe that that Manoush from next door had the gall to come right up to my window! I screamed and SCREAMED at him!

Oh, and this is me helping #1 with bed-making last week before Genji interfered:

Genji: I am NOT a pipsqueak, even though I do have a rather squeaky voice...

And I am the only one small enough to fit comfortably into the cubbyhole in the cat tree!

Vidock: Study Neighs, Everyone! Can there be anything more manly than having an orange nose from eating the yummy carrots in your treat bucket?

And showing off your studly self to the world at large?

PS: And here is a little "Mancat Monday'" bonus: our other neighbour Mancat, Basha! He is very fond of boxes and he even has a special "cuddle box". When he gets into it, it means he wants cuddles!


  1. MOL...I love your muddy socks Tommy !

  2. We are so glad that Tommy didn't help with changing the bed!!
    Now, we like the sound of a cuddlebox...

  3. Tommy we think your paws need a bath so we hope there's handy puddle. Bibi we hope you smoothed the sheets out before #1 got into bed!

  4. Oh how we LOVE the pedikhure pikh!

    I have never gotten THAt muddy but I might have to try it ;-)


  5. Tommy I love your pawdicure picture :-)
    Basha is very cute!

  6. The mud is fun until it's time to get cleaned up. That part is horrible!

    We're sending kisses to that adorable orange nose, Vidock!

  7. Mon dieu ... Tommy ... qui est ce qui est de corvée de nettoyage aprés ça ?Pas le copain Genji j'espère ...
    Quant à Genji, Mlle Hisia elle trouve qu'il est juste comme elle, parfaitement proportionné !

  8. Those mud paws look like bootys, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  9. Tommy, what is with you dogs and mud!? I would hate to have to lick all that off, MOL!

  10. Oh, Tommy!! Love your pawdicure! hahaha!

    Have a lovely day, everybuddy!

  11. Tommy, your muddy mittens will need a good washing! You looked as though you had plenty of fun getting them to that mucky state though :)
    Genji, that photo of you accentuates your adorableness rather handsomely! And we don't believe the rumour that you (like Levon!) "inhale" your food for one tiny minute! How rude of #1 to even mention it :p

    As usual, you all look happy and well :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  12. we aren't too sure about that pawdicure idea you have there.... but everyone is looking very manly - even the neighbors :)

  13. Mud, visiting cats, sounds like a lovely time at Pouponette Central.

    Don't worry Genji, I squeak too when I talk. Mum loves it.


  14. Tommy, you certainly do have a great pawdicure. I wish mom would allow me out to have one. And Bibi=Chan, I know what you mean about Manoush darling to come right to your window, I scream and scream at Ginger when he dares to do the same. Oh I put my paw down hard! No more of that.

    Everyone looks fabulous and manly there. becomes you.

  15. Love the muddy socks!

    And the nerve of that Manoush. How dare he?

    Gin-chan's glowing fruit bats are adorable.

    Love the carroty nose, Vidock.

    And Basha is a lucky mancat to have his own box for cuddles. 9 has to share his with Sheamus Popoki.

  16. Beautiful pawdicure!

    Such a Manly Monday Boys!

    Chingmy Kisses!

  17. Tommy, 8 paws up for your muddy pedicure from Ciara and Lightning. They think mud is almost, but not quite, as good as snow:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. What great new socks you have Tommy. I'm not sure it would show up as well on me though.


  19. Oh Tommy! We know you had fun getting that muddy!

    Bibi, good job at yelling at Manoush! He won't be coming back anytime soon, we bet!

  20. OMC!! where to start! First, Vidock, such handsome studly neighs...very nice..

    And Bibi...I also yowl so loud when an introoder comes near my home...I make Mom throw Dad out of bed to help me...heh...heh
    paw pats to all, Savannah

  21. All great photos, from mud to Manoush.

  22. Tommy , I´d rather had muddy toes than the pink one I got after making pawdographes :)

  23. Oh Vidock, I do love to see you out in your field... yes, so very manly - the orange nose especially!
    Love the "mud socks" Tommy!
    Hugs to all the furry folk,
    Lily, WA, USA

  24. Muddy socks! Tommy sure looks likee he must had has fun getting them and Vidock, the carroty nose is priceless! And Gengi and Bibi! Guys me is overcome!!

  25. such manly mancats and studly horse and well, what can I say but Tommy's pawdicure is simply,'s pretty funny MOL


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