Friday, 5 April 2013

Fun on Friday!

The Beebs: #1 considers herself pretty tech-savvy in general. Going back into pre-history, she always knew how to set the clock on and programme her VCR. She bought her first Mac in 1985 and has never looked back. Her iPhoto album is humungous and she has 4 working digital cameras in the house. However, she has so far been stumped by video editing. Somehow, the instructions make little sense, when she can find them. She also often "forgets" that her camera takes videos which is why you see so few on this blog. However, she managed to get some excellent footage yesterday of me and The Genj doing some heavy-duty wrestling, and decided to post it for your viewing pleasure. She would like to apologise in advance for the lack of sub-titles, or, should there be some in there despite her best efforts, the fact that they're probably in the wrong place. She would also like to point out that, in the midst of the serious business between me and the Shining P, you can see Sei-Chan minding her own business.

So after that endless and tedious ramble, here we go!

As you can see, The Beebs still reigns supreme!!!

She has abandoned us for the day today to go up to Paree with some friends. No idea why she wants to go and see an art exhibition when she has us to look at each and every day...


  1. It's a pity we can't access the video. We are sure you guys would be purty awesome on action.

  2. Enkhore!

    PeeEssWoo: Hey Tommy - demand YOUR turn! Touring Tommy Tuesday!

  3. Oooo we can't see it either but know you all are wonderpurr!

    Happy weekend!


  4. That was a great tussle boys - well done The Beebs and well done too to you Genji.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. We can't see it either! We're apple. How we'd love to see it!

  6. Nice wrestling action boys. I wish I had a sibling to play with.


  7. And The Beebs is the World Chaaaaaaammmmmppiiiiiiiioooon!!!

  8. Genji is quite the little sneak! But alls well that ends well, as you still have the bed. Long live the wrestling champion!

  9. Bravo et ... encore ! J'adore.
    Avec les chats on se demande toujours si la bagarre c'est pour de vrai ou juste pour rire.
    Ma petite bleue est une bagarreuse.

  10. That's a fun video! Fun tussling!
    I agree you are the most wonderful art, why #1 needs to see anything else? Humans are weird sometines... :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. good da man Beebs!!!

  12. Apologies to anyone who can't see the video, which is in Quicktime. We are are Mac users too and it was put together using iMovie, so no idea why it can't be viewed by certain Mac users.

  13. Go Beebs! We don't have much bed wrestling in our house. Instead, it's usually covered with kitties.

  14. We would love to see the video. Maybe #1 needs your help
    Benny & Lily

  15. Genji, you are a little troublemaker!

    When you save the video in iMovie, you can try just Exporting it (Command+E), and save it under the "Large" category instead of saving it as a Quicktime file. I think that makes it more of a universal format. I have a YouTube account, so I usually just share them right to YouTube and embed them on my blog.

  16. Nothing wrong with that video at all. Mom used to do them of us but then they changed iMovie and she started getting all confused. We LOVED the video - we almost felt like we were right there with you.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  17. I think its super. Loved the tussle and loved how it started with a flick of the tail. Hugs GJ x

  18. Tell #1 it is a good first try. Mum is at the real basic level on moovies too.

    We knew that the Beeb's tail was going to be attacked!

  19. MOL You go Beebz!!! You haz guud style n form...Genji waz shure lookin fer su wrestlin actshun!! Mum n me laffed watchin da video..tell #1 nice job!!!
    Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen

  20. Good Match! Beebs yoo is slick.

    Fanks fer coming to my Burpday page day!

    I is Jake!

  21. Yay for movies! We get an "error" message (on our end not yours) and we'll try again later.

    But doods, seriously - you guys or an art show? *What* was #1 thinking?

  22. Utterly brilliant footage! We love it. Pity we cannot have international bouts! The tail swishing is most manly. Bravo!

    And yes, we know exactly what you are talking about with videos and technology - they defeat Äiti too.

  23. Me LOVES your Movie! There is nothing me likes better than watching 2 handsome mancats wrestling!


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