Saturday, 27 October 2012

SEIturday Style

Sei-Chan: Do I look crabby to you?

Well, I have every right to be! The sunshine they promised us this week mostly failed to materialise. And it has gotten a lot colder. And the clocks are going back tonight so it will get dark earlier. Not very positive, is it?

That being said, our friends on the East Coast of America are facing a hurricane and our friends in Finland woke up to snow. #1 turned our heating on yesterday so the house is nice and toasty. So, I shouldn't really be complaining, should I? Instead, may I draw attention to my "PAWsitioning", something that our friend Khyra looks at very closely:

What do you think Miss Khyra?

The cat tree in the kitchen now has the added bonus of being right up against a warm radiator!

And #1 says I look ultra-cute, fast asleep in this photo:

In other news, our sis Violette was delighted by the nice comments about her frootbats yesterday, although she was rather hurt by Mr. Black's calling her "Horsebreath" and being quite unimpressed with her effort. Mr. Black, we love our sis Violette and we hate to see her sad. She lived a pretty hard life until she was rescued by us. She even tried to move into the house but we had to tell her there was a minor size issue, so she lives the Chateau life instead, over where Vidock lives too, five minutes from here.

And on the subject of Vidock, following the outcry about the lack of his frootbats, #1 took a look in the archives and came up with this:

So, it just remains for me to wish you all a very Happy SEIturday!


  1. Well done...fur a khat that is ;-)

    Happy SEIturday!

    PeeEssWoo: Hey Tommy - meet woo in Finland!

  2. There has been talk of snow heading this way. We have a little bit of sinshine today, but it is still very very cold outside. Hence why we are all inside.

  3. Yep, that's crabby! And why not ? If you were promised sunshine, and didn't get any, that's major strop material. We have been out inspecting the catio winter preparations and luckily the sauna is firing up nicely now.
    And Violette, don't mind Mr Black and his lack of diplomatic skills - we Europeans know better.

  4. Sometimes it's wicked fun to be a little bit crabbilated! Have yourselves a purrfect day, everybuddy!

  5. Happy Seiturday to you all and especially to Vidock outside in the cold wind. We laughed about hearing that Violette tried to move into the house - we expect she would have wanted the seat nearest to the fire!
    It is freezing here too today but the sun is a bonus.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. I laughed at the idea of Violette moving into the house. Years ago, my brother-in-law called me and said "Your sister just called and asked if I thought our kitchen floor would support a horse walking on it. Is she serious?"... BOL - my sister has Clydesdales....


  7. Stay warm, Sei-chan and you do look adorable curled up on your kitteh tree. Vidock, your frootbats are undeniably outstanding, but it's that pink spot on your sweet nose that has efurrybody at our house all atwitter (it needs a kiss)!

  8. FaRADaY: HI Sei-Chan! Nice ta meetcha! *waves paw wildly* We saw you commenting over at Hannah & Lucy's and thought we'd come say hello. Yup, you look crabilated in that first photo fur sure!

    Maxwell: Don't mind Faraday. He's always a bit...uh...err...well, OFF. But he's my brother so what's a guycat to do? We'd be crabby too if we didn't have sunpuddles. Wait...we DON'T!

    Allie: I do love your exquisite pawsitioning though! Quite well finessed! We're huddling by the heat too, since it froze hard here last night. *delicate shudder*

  9. First, my apologies to Violette. I'm a bit of a wise guy. I'm sure her breath is like a whiff of cinnamon buns.

    Sei-chan, you look quite cozy in that spot near the radiator. Better to have the weather be a bit chilly and have a spot to get warm in than to be too hot!

    Vicdock looks like he has rabbit ears. Must get good reception.

  10. Not crabby, but mum can't think of the word she wants.
    But crabby or not, you are the most adorable little girl. And we love your delicate little feeties!
    Violette, dear, you are a lovely girl and your ears are perfect. Maybe Mr. Black got out of the wrong side of the bed because we black cats are known for our outstanding personalities and excellent dispositions.

  11. Yes, Sei-Chan, you do look a bit perturbed, but still quite pretty. We have some colder temps here, a real hard freeze last night, but you know how much WE love it. Great frootbats, Vidock.

    Thanks for the info on Image Capture - Mom didn't even know it existed:) Now if she can figure out how to use it. She did manage AFTER she did our post to get those photos into iPhoto, but didn't bother to fix them in the post. We think she is just grumpy because she is coming down with a cold.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. me really enjoyed all the frootbat ears yesterday! And me is so sorry me did not stops by and sees yous on my whirlwind world tour. Me visited all the posters who thought me was coming to visit them. Me has also been very remiss in visiting this week! Mommy has been painting.

  13. Happy Sei-tur day to you too :)
    Here in south Sweden we woke up to a white world too :(
    It was hail and frost !
    The temperature was -5 degrees = BRRRR !
    On the bright side the sun have shined ALL day and took all the white away = YAY !!!

  14. How dare the weather not be to your liking? It's wrong. Wrong I tell you!

  15. That's a bummer about the lack of sun, but heaters are good! That is one of my favorite parts about winter!

    I am purring lots for everyone in Sandy's path!

  16. Maui wants to know if an inventory of the debris in his trousers would cheer you up...he has sticks and leaves and prolly even a bug carcass...TONS of things to interest a curious Aby Lady Cat!

  17. Sei-Chan, I don't blame you for being disappointed in the weather. At least with the cat tree close to the radiator, you'll stay snug and warm!


  18. We get sunny but cold weather since they hurrycane is stopping up the weather. We get our early dark starting next weekend. The heater monster has been on for several weeks here. Nice and toasty.

  19. The fact that all this bad weather is gonna affect some of our furiends makes us a little crabbilated too, Sei-Chan.

  20. Sorry to hear about your weather..I dont blame if you get a little crabby.;-) I would too...
    Enjoy your the rest of your weekend! It's sooo hot over here..pant! pant!



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