Monday, 22 October 2012

Manly Monday

Tom: Another week is starting and we have been promised SUNSHINE, and it's supposed to be around 20C (high 60s) until Wednesday. I guess it will take a little time for the fields to dry up, though. Here I am yesterday. Believe me, I was one wet puppy!

And here I am, trying to keep my ball safe from Fernant:

I had a fun evening outing with #1 late last week, to a dinner party. Here I am, sitting comfortably under the table with my ball:

And last but not least, here I am, relaxing on the sofa last night!

Bibi-Chan: It has been an entire week since my little tree-climbing escapade, and I have been a most excellent boy. #1 decided to construct a new special napping place on the shelf above her desk, and I have claimed it for my own:

It really is most pleasant!

Do you like this rather mysterious photo of me?

Or do you prefer the decidedly non-mysterious version?

Gen-Chan: Greetings, one and all. Do you think I look fierce in this photo?

Well, other than being in my beddie, next to #1's pillow...

Here I am looking for buried treasure, aka The Beebs, in the bed:

Will the ladies swoon over my furs?

Hey! How come I don't have a girlfriend yet?

Vidock: I must confess I wasn't really nice to #1 last time she came to visit. You see, our field has gotten soggier and soggier, and Big Tom and I have been dreaming of warm and  dry straw beds. We want IN! Well, we have been promised it this week, so please cross everything you've got for us.

Here we are, cantering in the rain:

The long-suffering duo...

We definitely look better when it's sunny!

Catch you later!


  1. Tommy, you are looking good no matter where you go ;)
    We love your new bed Bibi,and we like Genji "digging" for you,heehee
    Vidock, we purr you will be on your straw bed soon,but you are looking mighty good ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  2. Somehow, Tommy, I rather doubt you mind one jot or tittle about being drenched! It looks like you've all managed to have a good week, despite the weather. Wishing you all a sunshine-y day!

  3. Tommy, nothing wrong with being wet. That's the mark of a grand adventure.


  4. Nice tummy picture Tommy - good job Fernant wasn't about to leap on it!!
    That looks a lovely little basket to take a nap in Bibi - just your size. We think you ought to practice your fierce expression a bit more Genji as we weren't scared one bit - well maybe just a tiny bit! We hope you get your inside beds soon Vidock - it is raining quite sharp here at the moment.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. We think it'll take a long time for the wets to dry up. We've had fog and mist this morning. Fun for jumping out on your siblings.

    We hope the sunshines help warm up the place.

  6. Tom : I hope you didn´t get any serious damages from all that wet :)
    Bibi-Chan : Your new spot looks absolutely purrfect :)
    I LOVE your NON-mysterious version *mol*
    Gen-Chan : The ladie who don´t *swon* over your furs . must be a really crasypant :)
    Vidock : I keep all my paws crossed that you two will get in to the dry stable this week !
    Hop you all will have a pawsome week !

  7. A dinner party? How very cultured, Tommy! I don't think we could be trusted at a dinner party. Beebs, you look like the Phantom of the Opera there. We hope you get your straw soon, Vidock!

  8. Have a super week everyone, we are crossing our paws for sunshine coming your way :-)

  9. We hope you get into a nice dry stable ASAP Vidock and Big Tom. We love your mysterious look Beebs and Genji, you look pretty nice too. Tommy, we like your wet look although we know that some sunshine is still better. We hope Wednesday will come with sun for you guys.

    the amigos and san

  10. I think our Friesians would love a little of that rain - it is always so hot and dry here!


  11. Yea for sun!!!

    Akhtually, those are about my temps too!

    As fur swoon, is that the same as drool!?!


  12. Tommy by the looks of your relaxing pose, you must have had a big day. Yes we like your new special spot Boni. Those horsies are so beautiful
    Benny & Lily

  13. Oh Vidock, it's days like that that I'm glad I'm a cat. Good to see you guys!

  14. It's funny how dogs like to play in the rain and get all muddy. Cats might be just a wee bit smarter by trying to stay dry (but, I'm sure dogs are smarter in some area).

    I vote for "mysterious" cat every time.

    Horse 'tocks. Hee, hee.

  15. Tommy and Vidock should trade places! Although Vidock might be a little large for the sofa.

  16. You all definitely need some sun - it has been WAY too rainy!

  17. My guys refuse to go out in the rain ugh

  18. You're all so cute. Silly doggie liking the rain! The horsies have the right idea, lemme in!

  19. Bibi, you have a lot in common with Esme! She is capable of Great Nervewracking Escapes too! Genji, we are certain the ladies would fall at your feet if you were so inclined :)
    Tommy, you look happy as a lark and V and BT you do look striking in the sun but you are handsome no matter what!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  20. Oh me just LOVES manly Monday! The Beebs! Gengi, Be still my beating heart! The is just the cutest! My hairy slobbery sisters LOVEs Tommy! and our Mommy really has a thing for horses!
    Kudos for such a wonderful display of MANLINESS!

  21. Did you need a bath, Tommy? You would have had one if you lived here (our mom is evil that way). Poor Vidock, not even a blankie! And shhh, but we know a couple of girls who would love to be your girlfriend, Genji.

  22. We hope you get that sunshine and warmer weather!!


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