Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Little and Large Wednesday!

Bibi-Chan: In a comment to yesterday's post, our friend Kari said that Genji looked so much smaller than me in that day's photo, and asked whether that was truly the case or was it an optical illusion. Friends, it's true! Genji is a tiny boy and I am a very big boy. In fact, #1 calls me Percheron sized! I am by a long shot the tallest out of the four of us. I have really long legs and a very long body, and I am lean and sleek and perfectly proportioned.

Genji is also perfectly proportioned but in a tiny package:

This picture is a bit old and Genji has grown a little since then, but it gives you an idea:

Yet this one is more recent and the difference is even more flagrant!

#1 says it all works out perfectly as Genji is the ultimate "in your arms" lover boy and she often finds herself trying to type with her right hand as Genji is nestled in her left arm. With me, that would simply not be possible! I on the other hand am a night-time under the covers snuggler and my long body provides extra warmth on cold winter nights!

Here are a couple of gratuitous shots to end today's post:


  1. Must be a small kitty thing! Julie is petite and sticks to Mom like velcro wanting cuddles ;) We have to remind her to share :o
    You look mighty handsome Bibi ;)
    A good "big" brother ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  2. Yes we can see how big you are Bibi - a good big bruffer size :)

    the amigos and san

  3. You are all gorgeous - simply gorgeous.

  4. These are lovely shots and Äiti is also still squeeing buckets over the pictures #1 put on facebook of you guys (and girls).
    Oh, and in reply to your comment, you have to be super sneaky cause squirrel tastes great! Jura-ninja gave it all away as he bought the tail in. You have to catch the furry rat and eat it all up, and hide the tail. And the stomach and guts - we managed to eat most of it so would have got away with it except for that over excited ninja boy showing off the trophy.

  5. We ladies are both different sizes too
    Hannah is quite stocky and with her long furs Mum says she looks like a heavy weight wrestler although she isn't greedy with food! Whereas I am smaller and daintier but I can scoop up any leftovers with ease and they don't rest on my hips!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Well you know, Bibi-Chan I noticed that and meant to comment on it too. You and Genji-Chan both are the purrfect size for your jobs. #1 snuggler and #1 warmer! And all of you are gleamingly healthy and gorgeous!

  7. Gracie is my 'little' girl, at least compared to the boys. Her frame is nearly as long and as tall, but her frame is much lighter so she weighs nearly half of their weights.

    O'course, she doesn't eat nearly as much as the moochers, either.


  8. Big or small you are both gorgeous!


  9. You both are purrfectly pawportioned, but what leaves us breathless is those paw pads!

  10. That is amazing! And here we thought all Aby's would be about the same size. Shows you what WE know!

    And to answer your long-ago question: Yes, Mommy thinks Felix has some Aby in him. His furs are ticked on his sides, and he has the wild and crazy temperement as well!

  11. Paws up for little cats like me and Genji!

  12. You are very big compared to little man, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  13. Toesies!! Love toesies!
    My kitties are different sizes like that, Star is so tiny and Leo is so huge! But it's Leo who wants to cuddle while I'm typing, and yup, can't do it while holding him because he's so big!

  14. See, little or large, makes no difference, you are all loved in the end. Everyone thinks Lightning is so much bigger than the rest of us. Actually he is just taller and longer in all ways than the rest of us. Thunder is the biggest weightwise and Phantom is the smallest weightwise, but Ciara is overall the smallest:)

    By the way, the Chans can come out from under the bed, we will all be back to normal on your next visit:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. Mum always says lovely things come in small packages.. small and lovely.. Hugs GJ xx

  16. Sweet! That is like Kozmo and me. Me is tiny. Me weighs between 5 and 6 pounds. Kozmo weighs close to 15!

  17. I love Gin-chan's mauve-y toesies!

    And Bibi-chan is swoon worthy.

  18. Bibi is larger and Genji smaller than we thought!
    But both are exquisite and perfectly sized for their very important jobs.
    Kitty feeties! Squeee! We didn't realize just how
    mauve-y Genji's toes actually were either. Hugs and kisses to our gorgeous boys.
    Thank you for answering our question.

  19. Genji, Bennette, Ellie and me are the little girls here! Just your size, right?

    Then we have the mid-size kitties...Jonesie, Cecilia.

    There are the big boys...Figaro, Ginger, Madison and the king of all big boys, Nigel.

    xoxo Cory


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