Saturday, 8 September 2012


Sei-Chan: GUESS WHAT? This time next week, #1 will be home! We have been exceptionally happy with Ms. A and Mr. D, but our #1 is our #1 and we are so looking forward to her return, as she says she is looking forward to heading home to us!

As you know, Ms. A and Mr. D have really done us proud in the photo department, and I once again have some really nice ones to share with you today!

Let us start with this nice close-up:

And another!

I have been spending time in the hammock:

And also checking out the flora in the run:

Guess who's been helping me with that?

And I have of course also been hanging out on my favourite "zabuton" in #1's study:

On the subject of #1, she says she has not yet gotten hold of any photos of herself in the hitch, but she did send us one of herself standing in front of one. This is a Storeyvale Percherons hitch from Berwick, New Brunswick, driven by John Storey:

She is now back in Prince Edwards Island, intent on enjoying every moment of her last week there!


  1. But I'm sure Tommy will get to see #1 furst!


    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Yes, indeed, Ms. A and Mr. D have really done you proud! I can imagine how much #1 is looking forward to snuggling with you all again!

  3. Ms A and Mr D have done the best job of keeping you in touch with #1 and with us. We are very grateful for that and just think..only one more week. I was thinking, Tommy probably WILL be the first to see #1 when she returns! But then after some kisses, you are all next!

  4. I don't think I could have taken the long separation!


  5. We love your pictures in the run today
    Sei Chan and especially the first one on your post today. You look so wistful while you are waiting for your #1 to arrive back.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. We love the closeups of Se Chan and the photo of #1!

  7. Is yous counting the hours yet?
    Sei! Yous look purrticularly fetching today!

  8. You do look like you're eagerly awaiting #1's return!

  9. Those eyes are the best everthere was! Just gowgeous!
    Pibble sugars

  10. Your pet sitters are even more awesome than mine! (And I like mine a lot.) I bet you all are counting the hours until #1 comes home.

  11. Squeeeeeee! It's Sei! That gorgeous, exotic, mysterious little face close-up! What a wonderful treat! She's so uniquely delightful! Excellent job with your photos, dear Ms.A and Mr.D!
    Your #1 has certainly packed a lot of activities into her vacation but we know that you are always in her thoughts. Hugs and kisses for all.

  12. Miss Sei-Chan, PLEASE tell #1 to be careful around those enormous hooves!

    Maui is verreh happy to hear (as are we all) that you are being soundly spoiled. And the claw in Maui's head? Just a flesh wound, as Monty Python would say!

  13. Sei-Chan, those are great photos of you! Ms. A and Mr. D have done a great job!! But we can't wait until #1 is home too!!

  14. Your pictures are so nice. #1 looks so cute in her picture
    Benny & Lily

  15. Lovely lovely portraits, Sei-chan!


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