Monday, 6 August 2012

Manly Monday Medal Edition!

Tom: Woofs everyone, Tommy here! Guess what? I am going in on Wednesday morning to have my stitches out! I am no longer limping at all, although #1 is still holding off on active play such as ball throwing. But believe me, things have improved since this:

She calls it the "Baleful Tommy" shot! This is much more like it, don't you think?

Bibi-Chan: Hi everyone and THANK You to all those who voted for me in the Cat Olympics Balance Beam competition. I won a Gold Medal!

So now I can enjoy a well-earned rest:

Vidock: Neigh everyone! I also "won" a Gold medal, in the Equestrian category, naturally, although I confess to being a little frustrated with the "everyone is a winner" trend. Guys, how would you feel if they did that in the real Olympics? No fun, right?

Now onto some clarification about my big day out on August 15th. It is not a competition so there won't be any winners. It is just a festival and I am being shown as part of the "Stallion Parade." I am getting a mani-pedi tomorrow and will get my last minute preparations just before the show.

Genji: I GOT A MEDAL TOO!!!! I won the Bronze in the Competitive Napping that was organised by Huffle! There were judges and proper gold, silver and bronze winners, and I got bronze. The comment was: "The judges said they spent a lot of time looking at the photo and couldn't tell where Genji stopped or started"! Here is the photo in question:

And here is my medal!

Congrats to Silver Medal winner Tater Tot and Gold Medal winner Mr. Darcy! Both their entries were outstanding!

Urey: Neigh everyone! I have news! My name is being changed by my new owner from Urey to UUKA! It is an African (Xhosa) name that means "Arise"! Isn't that super cool?

My schooling is continuing and I am doing really well.

I worked on the long reins all last week and I should be moving on to actual traction this week.

I am scheduled to be transferred to my new digs at the end of August. I will miss everyone here but I am excited to start learning how to be a superstar!


  1. Exciting news all the way around! But the best news is Tommy is up to snuff! Woohoo!

  2. Lots of excitement around your house. We are so happy that Tommy is getting his stitches out! You will be playing ball soon. And congratulations to the kitty boys on all their medals. Good job! We loved seeing Uuka doing his training.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  3. What a magnificent Manly Monday to start off the week. We bet you can't wait to get those pesky stitches out Tommy.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. What great news Tommy. Spread the word you got your boo boo from pawticipating in the Olympics
    Benny & Lily

  5. Great that Tommy is back to form!
    Uuka, may your new start on life be splendid!
    We are with you about the's more fun if you win "fair and square" rather than everyone getting a medal for participating...everyone getting a medal feels like a participation acknowledgement rather than an accomplishment/recognition/victory!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  6. Good news, dear Tommy! Bet you can't wait to get those ears flying again. Do take care until your protective hairs grow over your tender skin.
    We think Genji's entry is pure GOLD, even though he is silver. Congrats, Beebs! So handsome there, Vidock.
    Urey! So you are now Uuka! New beginning, new name! The old path is behind you only great things ahead. We'll miss you when you leave. But you will take a little bit of the Poupounette with you and keep it in your heart.

  7. My goodness what news from everyone! Medals and sutures out all around. YEAH!

  8. Concats to all those winners! Beebs, you look most content and ready to nod off to dreamland in that furry blankie. Have sweet dreams.

  9. Wow, congratulations on all the medals! And yay for Tommy getting better!!

  10. That is a very baleful shot of you Tommy - it kind of sums it all up doesn't it? But we are glad you are on the mend. And all the medals are well-deserved. Paws up for Genji - that's a great picture and thoroughly worthy of bronze.
    Uuka sounds an awesome name - a very proud and fitting name.
    Happy Monday all of you!

  11. You boys are all doing so well today! Paws up!

  12. Oh Tommy!!!

    Of khourse, if I was used to being stringless, I'd khop that same woeful look if I was re-stringed!

    Khongrats on all the winning news here!


  13. Congrats to all the manly folks at Poupounette Central!!

    Tommy, we're so glad you are almost back to normal, you are the best!

    Beebs, of course you won you handsome devil! Who wouldn't vote for you??

    Genji, we are amazed by your pic, you look so snuggly there and such big jack-rabbity feets with mauve toes, squee!!

    Hugs and belly rubs !!! Sally, Nikko and Amber

  14. ConCAtulations to all the medals you won and YAY for that Tommy is feeling better and better in his paw :)

  15. Well rats, we gave everybody gold medals...maybe next time we can prod Mommy into doing a voting poll.

    Tommy, we are so happy your paw is almost good as new!

  16. Tommy, we're so glad you are doing better! And Uuka, we love your new name. Good luck on the 15th, Vidock. And congrats to the Beebs and Genji for your Olympic medals!

  17. Such good news that medals have been won and everyone is on the mend.

  18. What a winning group of furriends!

  19. Wowwie! Zowwie! I am so happy to know such a winning bunch! Vidock! Me agrees. If yous is having a competition, is it one if eveybody gets a prize?


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