Saturday, 23 June 2012

Saddled on SEIturday!

Sei-Chan: Believe it or not, it's still rainy and it's still cold. We are but a few days away from July and #1 is wearing her chunky Idita-Wak 2012 sweatshirt as she writes this. Not good...Farmers are worried about hay because there is no "no rain" period announced in the forecast.

Wondering about today's title, are you? Well, #1 has been shopping... But more on that a little later. Let us start with some photos of me as it is my day after all:

#1 says I look a little dishevelled in this one. It's probably because Tommy had just been giving me a bath...

Believe you me, when the weather is iffy, there is no better place to hang out for a nap than chez Tommy!

So, about this saddle thingy... #1 went out for lunch yesterday to some friends who live on-site at a show-jumping facility. There were several tack shops, and look what she came back with!

Apparently, it's called an Australian stock saddle. It's sort of a cross between an English and a Western saddle, more comfortable than the former but lighter than the latter. She got a great deal on it! And it looks great on a Percheron! Here it is, being modelled by Toune de Prainville, a half sister of Vidock's who now belongs to the people #1 was visiting.


  1. Some lovely paw pictures Sei-Chan - you don't look dishevelled to us!
    We are dry at the moment here - it didn't stop raining all day yesterday
    and there are floods again - but it is far from sunny!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. We hope the rain ends soon for you! Too much or too little can be devastating!

    Thank heavens the saddle is not for YOU! hahahaha!

  3. We always enjoy seeing your pretty feet. Very different than our hairy, black ones! Does the saddle purchase mean that #1 will be riding Vidock soon?

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  4. Oh those tasty Sei-beans!

    PeeEssWoo: Poor Tommy ;-) !

  5. It´s raining a lot here in south Sweden too :(
    Me too want´s summer NOW !!
    LOVE the pictures on you Sei-Chan <3
    The new saddle look´s comfy If you are a human being :)

  6. I love your pink pearl eraser paw pads!

    That saddle is gorgeous!

  7. Take no notice of our post - Mum has had a very bad week with the computer and has had to get a friend in 3 times as she had problems getting posts to load, then we couldn't leave comments and then everything more or less disappeared. No-one else seems to have noticed but you! Paws crossed that everything is back to "normal" now - whatever normal is!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. I not sure where you live, but we sure could use some of that rain cuz it's to dry here. We are never happy with the weather are we.

  9. We'll trade you rain for heat. We were a little concerned that YOU were going to be saddled up, Sei-Chan, hee hee!
    Maui says your Bathtime look is quite alluring!

  10. We think it is so sweet that you accept baths from Tommy. He really doesn't have the right tongue, but he means well nonetheless, right?

  11. It's hard to read anything after seeing those adorable pink paw pads! But, we hope the rains let up(please send them here) and we can't believe how small that saddle looks on Prainville! Of course, we have western saddles and no Percheron here in Oklahoma! (our Mommy used to ride English, though on an Appaloosa! MOL)

  12. Stop showing off you pretty pink palette bubblegum toes Sei-Chan!
    That saddle looks very small and compact-or is it because pecherons are such large horses? Great that you found a bargain!! LP is the bargain Queen :)
    We have had four or five days of sun so far this June-the remaining days have been rainy! Dismal. All our blooms are soggy and heavy and limp :(

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  13. You are a perfect angel, sweet Sei! ( but even they don't have such sweet feet)

    Who will be saddled: Vidock or Violette?

  14. Sei, you have the most beautiful pink paws! Too bad about the rain - on top of everything else, it takes away the sun puddles.

  15. Our dad just walked by while we were reading your blog post Sei-Chan - he wanted to know what type of cat you are. So we told him you are awesome, and yes we did answer his question!

    Hope the sun returns to your part of the world very soon.


  16. Thanks for welcoming me to blog land and stopping by!


  17. we love your little pink feets
    Benny & Lily

  18. Oh Sei! My Mommy says yous has the most kissable toeses she has ever seen!

  19. Is your mum going to ride Vidock or Violette?


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