Monday, 13 June 2011


Hi everyone. The Beebs here! Guess what? We had the manliest stuff going on outside the cat run this morning! First, this guy showed up at 7am...

Sadly, #1 did not allow us out in the run whilst the work was talking place. Something to do with the end of the run having to be torn up and too many HouBibi opportunities... Anyway, as soon as it was over at 9:30am, Mama Tama and I went outside to do quality control:

It looked different! #1 told us that one of our forysthias had had to be sacrificed to the septic gods. So, we have much more light and space in front of the run! And the end bit which used to be a square is now a triangle. I checked the sides to see if anyone might have left a teeny tiny little opening...

Sadly, there weren't any. Drat!

Ah well... Back to napping...

Tom: The best thing was that we got to be outside virtually all morning. Fernant was being his usual pesty self but it was fun!

I try to hide in the tall grass in the field but he usually ends up finding me...

So I just grin and bear it!

Yesterday, Fernant got to meet his first Percherons, the two lovely girls, Sissi and Sireine. For once, he was a little bit subdued:

Vidock: #1 finally came to visit me. It had been so long! I was waiting for her by the gate:

The following are slightly older photos of me but we haven't shared them with you before and I think they look manly!

PS: By the way, the backhoe man was successful and we are back to living in the 21st century. Phew!


  1. We bet you sighed with relief when the backhoe man arrived this morning!! Glad to hear you are back in civilisation again! Thank goodness you were there to do the quality control Bibi - will you get compensation in the way of treats for your run being altered?
    We were pleased to see Tommy was on paw to give advice and act as fore-dog!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. That run looks interestingly different for you kitties. So glad you have a septic system again!

  3. Vidock, you are always most manly looking and we are so glad #1 came to see you - bet you missed her a lot. She has been very busy, you know.

    Tommy, you need to disguise yourself better so Fernant doesn't find you all the time. Such great fun you two have!

    Bibi, we are glad things are back to normal, hope the run wasn't too badly disturbd. Happy napping.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. I'm glad to see F The Tyrant rekhognised the power of those horsebeaWOOties!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Some fun fur woo!

  5. YEAH! I am so glad you have water again!

  6. Always a joy to have good plumbing!

    What beautiful (and manly) pictures of Vidock, they were worth posting!

    Happy days!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  7. That digger looks very big and scary. We hope you all kept safe. And now your facilities are restored -that must be more than a relief!

  8. HURRAH for modern amenities!

    Tommy, the picture of you hiding in the grass made us laugh out loud. We think your "new" run look is interesting, too bad about no HouBibi holes...for now.

    Vidock, we're glad you got to see #1 again!

  9. Looks like a little excitement outside the run. Viddock sure has muscles, like me, BOL.
    Benny (& Lily)

  10. Yipee for the return of modern conveniences!
    The gang didn't look too bothered by the whole thing:)
    Vidock you are truly gorgeous.And Tommy , you are one happy little clam!!
    the critters in The Cottage

  11. Welcome back to the 21st century #1!
    Glad the outflow problem was solved and nothing needed rebuilding. We just laughed and laughed at Fernant's body posture in the commanding presence of the Percheron girls. A humbling experience for him, we are sure. But menace has a way of overcoming goodness. Fernant, with his charm, may turn the ladies into Perchermenaces! Neigh Vidock! Looking especially handsome today, you are. Very romantic pose.
    Enjoy the remodeled run. Love to all!
    (Kisses to Tom.)

  12. Paws up for the backhoe human! And Bibi, although #1 thinks she has you foiled, I would not be surprised if you figured out another way to do your escape act! You are, after all, an Aby!!

  13. That was the most manliest ever!


  14. We is finkin da beans shud give a litter box a try, it works fer us, right? MOL

    All yoo manly kittehs, woofie and horse is looking fab today!

  15. All of you lead such exciting lives! We will probably never ever see a horse!


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