Friday, 10 June 2011

Fun Friday with Tommy

: First of al, we would like to thank everyone for the lovely comments on Yuu-Chan yesterday. They truly warmed our hearts. Second, we have the Labramenace, Fernant, staying with us until Monday evening.... Will any of us survive? We are already in a state of siege as we have a serious issue with our septic system which means that we are living life "medieval style" at the moment. It's going to be an interesting weekend....

Anyway, I did want to tell you about my very fun day a couple of days ago. We live in an area which has a lot of apple orchards and produces apple juice, (hard) cider, and stronger stuff such as pommeau and calvados. #1 has a friend who is a producer and he was having some Japanese guests and asked #1 if she would be there to interpret for them. Naturally, I got asked along too!

We started out by visiting the apple orchards:

The nice visitors immediately got the idea and looked for a stick to throw!

Then we went our friend's house for lunch:

It was built around 1480. Pretty good workmanship back then!

Even though the Japanese visitors had come to see the orchards, I think they were more interested in me!

I love meeting new people!


  1. Well of course they were more interested in you - you're an international blogging superstar!

  2. I'm sure woo are the highlight of their trip!

    Pawesome job Handsome!


  3. Ben loves meeting new people too... and you're so lukcy to have all that sunshine!

  4. Yum, hard cider :)... And of course they were interested more in you, Tommy! Who wouldn't be?

  5. Of course the visitors were more interested in you than the cider
    Tommy - that's why they were there!
    #1's friend lives in a very beautiful home.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. How could that NOT visit you guys!!
    Benny & Lily

  7. Those Japanese ladies sure were in love you. You're so good looking, who could resist petting you?!

  8. hey Tom, that's an amazing house! we have never seen anything like that before. i bet that was fun to meet those japanese people and charm them. you are a good translator!


  9. Who could resist your charms, Tommy! You sure made a big hit with those ladies. Hope things work out well for the weekend. Tell Fernant to behave:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. I am glad you are enjoying your new folks!

  11. Well naturally you were the star of the show, "woof" is an international language.
    Mommy is green with envy that you get to live surrounded by so much history. She is, however, very devoted to modern plumbing.

  12. Wat fun you had! Mom LOVES that "house".

  13. Who wouldn't love you and find you interesting?Your natural charm and endearing ways ensure that people wil fall in love with you. How lovely that you got to go along!
    We don't know why our comment on remembering Yuu didn't post, so we put another there today.

  14. How wonderful for both of you, Tommy! Your #1 got to do something she enjoys and you got lots of attention!

  15. Sure you had a great time meeting them!
    Happy weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. It sounds like you guys have rather a wild weekend in store with your guest! I wonder if he will ever calm down?

  17. The medieval house looks fascinating ~ I would love to see inside. I'm always amazed at the buidling skills they had then, without the luxury of modern tools. They could teach some of the new house builders today a trick or two.



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