Thursday, 25 March 2010

Thankful Thursday?

I am very thankful that I am a 100% weatherproof woofie so that, even though it was pouring with rain outside this morning, I was able to go out and have fun with the ball and the chuck-it.

Grinning in the rain...

Wet boy in the rain...

#1 was a really good sport, although she got completely soaked. But she was very thankful for her excellent waterproof shoes!

And finally, I was thankful for the warm and fuzzy feeling I always get when I come back soaked and #1 wraps me in towels!

The "Chans" on the other hand, are feeling rather grumpy since they don't get to go out into their run today. Sorry guys....


  1. We think this whole undercover business suits a Chan just aswell as the run business.
    Tommy, you are a miracle! And you look very funny all wet.
    Siena & Chilli

  2. Tommy, rain or shine, you always look happy!

  3. You and my idiot brother both. I just like to get a little wet and go right to the towel rub down.


  4. You look like you're having fun. We Shar Pei do not care for rain. But we can be thankful that we can hold out for an extraordinarily long time before having to go out and do our necessaries if we're in good health.

  5. Tommy, you would get on so well with Thunder and Ciara - they LOVE the rain, Mom says it must run in their genes. Phantom would rather stay inside warm and dry. We do have to say that we think you look quite manly when you are all wet like that:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Guess what, Tommy. Sometimes I like to get out and run in the rain! I only ever do a couple of laps and then run to mum for a dry off, but gosh it is fun! Fui does not like it at all though.

    Love Suey.

  7. Woooos Tommy! I love playing in the rain too, but my Mum is more like one of your cats, she would rather be undercover!
    ~ Woos and puppy kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  8. Rain is a double edged sword - not a cat's best freind, as cats usually don't like getting wet. But it will make the flowers and grass and vegetables grow really well. So we have to be thankful for it too. Sigh.

  9. Did you slide about and rub your face in the wet grass? Did ya? Did ya? Huh? Huh? Huh? ~ Shen

    We can't say that we blame the Chans one bit. Nasty rain

  10. Tommy, your spots look rough in the rain. We love your smile. We do feel sorry for the Chan-clan. They can't go in their run today and their is no sun coming through the windows. We will try to send some of our sunshine your direction!

  11. it must be cool to be a weatherproof woofie! i do not like going out in the ickies. neither does my mommeh. she complains a lot when she has to. your mommeh must be verreh cool and brave to not mind going out in the ickies with you, Tom.

  12. Wow Tommy you look like you had a lot of fun in the rain! You got really really wet - it made your furs look darker! It is too bad the "Chans" can't go out though - but we know they wouldn't be happy if they did!

  13. Looks like little Bibi-Chan was helping you get dry!

  14. Wowww.....quelle saucée!
    Un temps a ne pas mettre un Shar-Peï dehors. Pour moi : PAS QUESTION!

    ViVi & AB

  15. In case you're wondering about the comment above, Her 'Peiness ViVi is declaring that here is NO WAY she is going out in this weather. Echoes of Lola's comment above...


  16. Fun times! Rain and dirt -- how much better can it get?

  17. Tommy, you truly are the best woofie! We might be ok with you in comparison to some of the other woofies we've met... we were scared of them. Floofed up right away!

    Love the undercover Chan photo too :)

    9 and Chani

  18. Ha! Of course most dogs usually don't care if it's pouring rain. They still want to play - this is how our German Shepherd is. Our old terriers on the other hand, look at us like we are crazy. "I'm not going out there! It's raining?"
    ~Lisa Co9T

  19. Tommy you're one easy going waterproof guy. I love how thankful you are. Hey, congrats on the award from yesterday!

  20. Tommy, you are so wonderful - wet and happy! Clive is certainly not a fan of wet weather and wouldn't go out at all this afternoon - we've had non-stop for hours!

    take care
    Murray and his Mom!

  21. Woo look furry furry happy AND handsome!

    I'm sure I khould have lots of fun in the rain with woo!

    We'd show those khats!


  22. I never get to go outside, but it's fun watching the squirrels get all wet.

  23. Wow, Tom you really did get wet. But sure is fun to play in the rain huh?

  24. Oh Tommy, you are a good boy, sweetie pie. I wants to hug you.

  25. we just don't think you are weather repellent..BOL
    Benny & Lily

  26. Tommy
    I think you know the twoo meaning of enjoying evewy moment..I love youw zest fow life and happinesss ..the look of jy on youw face makes us smile.
    I hope all the Chans get happy that they awe safe and wawm and cozy and you can all snuggle togethew.
    I'm gwateful fow youw fwiendship
    smoochie kisses


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