Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: So you would think that now the kits are gone, I would have my freedom back? Well, believe it or not, they forgot one (what do you mean they didn't forget him? He is staying on purpose?) and he had the bad idea to get all sniffly and so I am still stuck in the back room until he's all better. NOT FAIR!

To make matters worse, it has been really cold even though the sun is shining and I haven't even been able to get out into the run. I do have a rather fine "Tummy Tuesday" picture from last week, though:

As you can see, the fur on my tummy has been growing back really slowly, as it's been winter. #1 says it should start growing more quickly now.

And here is another picture which I think is one of my all-time favourites:


So, three of the kits did go off. I didn't see her but Hime-Chan was back for a bit on Sunday as her new family came to pick her up here. Apparentlly, she really liked them right from the start:

So, it seems I am stuck with Bibi-Chan for good... I must say he has been a pretty good boy and I even play with him quite a bit. He is very good at the feather wand, a true son of mine! Here I am waiting for #1 to play with me:

And again:

And the rest of he time, I just contemplate the scene out of the window, dreaming of liberty...


  1. Tam, that's a wonderful photo of you(among many)! You look like you could take on the world from that perch.

  2. We love your Rrrrrrowrrrr photo, Tama! We hope the weather warms up so you can enjoy the fresh airs! We have been loving our patio!

  3. Wooos Tama! I love your fierce photo! Wooooo, woo could scare a big doggie like me! I hope woo weather warms us soon, mine is finally starting too, but I live a bit south of woo!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. Tama-chan you are a lovely ladycat!

    I loved seeing the kittens grow up :) and I have never seen Abyssinian kitties before and you and the kitties are beautiful.

    Love your colours Tama-Chan :)

  5. Tam, enjoy the boy, yoo'll miss him when he's gone.

  6. I love the pictures! I really liked your Mountain Lion pose. That was great!

  7. Wow, that is such a gorgeous photo of you, I think you should hang it on the wall!!
    On to more important things....PLAY???!!! Can I play too????


  8. Tama, we love your photo very much!
    You looks soooo ...wild!

    It seems you have great weather too!

    Luna Luzie and Olli

  9. Tama-Chan, we hope the boy is cured of his sniffles soon and you both get your freedom. xoxo

  10. Oh those are all wonderful photos of you. What a fine run you have! I think we will all be glad when Bibi gets over his sniffles and you can rejoin the rest of the family!

  11. wowee, what amazing pictures! i am verreh impressed indeed. i am also verreh happeh to hear that everybuddy got gotted, and that Bibi gets to stay with you, i am sure he likes that idea. sniffies are stinky though.

  12. It is so great that Bibi gets to stay. And that run is so fun I bet, and we like the tummy shot!

  13. That is interesting that your tummy fur grows so slowly in the winter. I was just assuming it had filled in a bit.

    You are going to really love your run when the spring weather comes - "FREEdom"!

  14. Tama, you are a good mom to stay with Bibi while he gets better. We love your Tuesday Tummy shot!!!And that one in the tree in the run is beautiful. Hope you get some warm weather soon.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. You're all smiles in the end Tama-Chan! Pure elegance through and through.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  16. Love the tummy shot. Such gorgeousness! Hope Bibi-chan gets over his sniffles soon so you can go back to playing with the others and snuggling with Tommy!

  17. Tam...you are really like a lioness in that last picture...I bet you can roar like one, too, can't you?! Those climbing pictures are really great..I wish I could climb like that...I'm more of a paws on the ground kinda guy, but Tiny, your distant, distant cousin, is really good at climbing too..must be something about the color of your fur, right?

  18. Oh Tama, don't worry you will be out soon! And we love those pictures of you too!

  19. I love that photo of you outside, you are so cute.

  20. Fur khats, woo are such khuties!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  21. Sunny but freezing here too! Hope the weather heats up a little over with you or we'll have cold toes in Paris next week! Back to see Mickey Mouse again!!!

    Anyway, we loved the photos Tama-Chan - particularly the ones of you in the run! Hope you get out there again very soon!

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  22. Those are some gorgeous pictures of you! We're so glad that one of the kits gets to stay. Yay!

  23. Hi Tama!
    You really are paw-togenic!!


  24. Tama...it's ok. My momma Ellie thought she was done with all her kits and guess what? Yup, she was stuck with me for good. I think it's so cool little Bibi gets to live with you forever. It makes me purrrrr.....

  25. Great pics!!

    I like the RRRRRROOWRRR picture, looks like you are ready to pounce!!!!!


  26. Tama-Chan, you look like a gorgeous cougar on the prowl!! We are glad Bibi is staying and you will too!

    Purrs, the Sumac felines

  27. Ahh, we see #1 cracked open a new feather wand. The other one was reduced to a stump by the kittens! We love that wild picture of you in the run, Tama.

  28. we hopes you gets out on bail soon! hee hee

  29. Nice abs you have in that pull up picture! And of course, everyone loves visiting with you, such a pretty and congenial host you are!

    Ps: thanks for stopping by our bloggie all the time and leaving sweet comments...we wuv them!


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