Sunday, 14 March 2010

Snuggles on Sunday - All Together Now!

Tama-Chan: Well, dear friends, by now you know that little Bibi-Chan and I have finally been released from the back room. I have been busy reclaiming the house that is mine, and making sure all my subjects have not forgotten who is Queen around here. Bibi has been tearing around like a lunatic getting into everything imaginable. His first "feat" was to jump with both front feet straight into #1's plate of creamy pasta...

Anyway, I am very happy to report that peace reigns in the big house under my benevolent guidance. As I thought would be the case, Yuu-Chan (he was tiny when I "left" and boy is he big now!) has taken over care of Bibi-Chan, including cleaning services and general snuggling. He is the most perfect big brother anyone could hope for:

And if, for some reason, Yuu-Chan is unavailable, I can always count on my Tommy:

Of course, I have been known to enjoy the odd snuggle with Tommy myself...

And I have enjoyed snuggling with #1 during our afternoon naps:

As for Sei-Chan, aside from sending a few half-hearted hisses in Bibi's direction, she has been hanging out with Yuu-Chan:

And she has of course been snuggling with her Tommy!

All in all, the snuggle quotient around here is close to an all-time high!

Have a snuggly Sunday everyone.


  1. Snuggle OvFURload!!!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  2. Everyone loves Tommy!! Aw, I wish I had Tommy here to snuggle up with...he looks so soft and warm and nice and big so that I could curl up right in the middle of him. Maybe I could take a little holiday and come take a nap with Tommy!! Yay!!

    Love, Lautrec

  3. Wow, that is amazing that Bibi is snuggling up with Tommy already. Love the pics of him with Yuu-Chan.

  4. We are speechless how well Bibi fits in. The pictures of him with Yuu and Tommy are just priceless. So happy that it is going so good!

  5. We'll be following your example today. Big rain kind of means snuggling is the only activity on the agenda.


  6. That's a snugglefest!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. Peace is wonderful! Tommy is the best snuggler ever!

  8. Loving all the snuggles going on. I want to come snuggle to!

  9. That is great that you are all one big happy family now! Amazing amount of snuggle going on there. Enjoy!

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

    PS. We will check out the feed store for horse leads. Thanks for the tip.

  10. Hey there everyone!
    I can see how very important Tommy is in your household! He's my hero - living with you kitties! By the way, I think Bibi and 'Tommy' (in our household) should get together - they both have a habit of jumping into people's plates! BOL!
    Lotsaluv and lotsalicks

  11. That first photo made Momma smile real big! What sweet, snuggly photos of all of you this fine Sunday!

  12. Free at last! I am glad that you have the run of the house and it looks like all are getting along fine.
    Thanks for Way to go!!helping with the house trashing party at my place the other day. The mom still doesn't have things back where they should be. Serves her right I say!

  13. Snuggling is a great way to spend a Sunday! :)

  14. You are so lucky to have all that snuggling! What a great place to live! I shall be complaining to my humans about getting more snuggle bodies around here...

  15. Pleased to see you have plenty of willing babysitters, TC!

  16. WOW! There's a lot of snuggling going on at yoor howse!

  17. Your house is the snuggle capital of the world!

  18. so adorable snuggling with Tommy!
    Benny & Lily

  19. Woooos! woo are all so cute, but my mind is still on that dish of pasta, was it yummy?
    ~puppy kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  20. There must be something in the water over there. We are in awe of your snugglability. Yuu-Chan and Tommy, what sweet boys you are, being so welcoming to your new brother. It's beautiful:)

  21. Tommy, you are lucky boy.
    You are the dog loved most by beautiful cats.


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