Sunday, 28 March 2010

Snuggles and Tails on Sunday!

It's me again! I get to post two days in a row!!!! The reason is that I have the best snuggle shots this week. I have been spending time with my Tommy, of course...

I just love my Tommy! He is the best snuggle-buddy ever, something which Bibi-Chan was pretty quick to figure out!

Although he of course spends a lot of time snuggling with Yuu-Chan too...

In case you're wondering, Tama-Chan is taking a rest as she feels she did more than her share of snuggling when the kits were around...

Now onto other subjects. We had mentioned that #1 spent today at a workshop on braiding and turning out Percherons for shows, so I shall hand the keyboard over to her so she can tell you about it.

#1 here. First of all, the setting which, despite the nasty weather, was rather lovely:

Percheron horses in France have their manes and tails braided with wool. Tails are never docked (it's illegal). These horses have extremely thick manes and tails, so it's quite a job! I don't have (yet) any photos of me trying my hand at the mane, but here is the tail:

And here is my first effort:

And, for comparative purposes, here is what it looks like when done properly!

Needless to say, practice is the key!


  1. The snggly pictures are so lovely.. What workmanship has gone into the tail braiding.. It looks good.. HUgs GJ x

  2. Great snuggly pictures. We love the pictures of the horses tails

  3. We think #1 did a grand job on the tail. We just hope it doesn't give Mom any ideas!

    Keep snuggling!

  4. Mommy wishes she knew how to braid. She would save money from the braider. :) I think it was an excellent first job. and the photos of Tommy and adorable.

  5. #1, we are curious, do they braid the tails because it is more functional somehow? Does it keep the horse's tail more free of burrs or something?

  6. total snugglemania. Wonder if I can braid my tail? mom said no
    Benny & Lily

  7. Tommy must have a queue of kittehs waiting to snuggle with him!

  8. WE just love seeing pics of Snuggly Tommy and the kitties. That braiding must be difficult - a lot like what we call a French braid here. Mom could never really master that for her girls but they do their own quite beautifully.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. The braiding on the horses tail is so beautiful...even the first try! Just as long as mom doesn't get ideas and start braiding our tails!

    Your snuggles make us purrr.

  10. Tommy is so lucky that his kitties love him. I wish mine were more open minded.

    I have tell Alpha Mom to read this post. She is very much a horse person as well as a dog person. She doesn't have a Percheron, but she does have a nice draft horse who I have met and like very much.

  11. Braiding a horses tail....I had know idea it could be done this way. How lovely! You did very well too :)

  12. those are some really good snuggle photos. we're kind of jealous. we don't do any snuggling like that around our house. our bird, Jasper, won't have anything to do with us.

    we like #1's braiding job. she's doing quite well. that's very elaborate.


  13. Wow what wonderful, snuggly pictures! And we think that #1 did a great job considering it looks like a very complicated braid - we know our mom couldn't do it because she can barely braid her own!

  14. Keep practicing. That was a good first effort. It looks difficult.

    Mango Momma

  15. Can we borrow Tommy?? We wanna snuggle with him!!!

    And not bad for your first time braiding...that sure doesn't look like it would be easy to do.

  16. Tommy is SOOOO the good sport!

    As fur the braiding, I so hope my mom doesn't get any ideas fur my FT!


  17. what a great snuggle sunday!! i plan on snuggling with mom tonight-but my kitties dont really want to snuggle with me!!



  18. Wow! Tail braiding!! Better not let mommy see this, she'll get ideas and start braiding my tail..
    Cute snuggle pics!!


  19. That tail braiding looks very difficult but really pretty once its done.

  20. #1 could come and practise on Siena's tail! Hehehehehe.
    Loving Yuu and Bibi-Chan's snuggle pic.
    Purrs, Chilli

  21. The braiding is amazing!
    Did #1 snuggle with any of the horses?

  22. Amazing braiding tails!!

    ViVi & AB

  23. Wow! That braiding is truly amazing! Your first attempt was really good too! It's so nice to see a little more of what you get up to!
    Send our cuddles to Tommy...he is the cutest, sweetest dog ever!

  24. Ww love the snuggle pictures. Mom is sighing over the Tommy and Sei-chan photos.

    Good job on the braiding! Mom is growing her hair out. She wants to learn how to braid her hair in different styles. Somehow, we're not sure this is the way to go for her. Heehee

  25. What lovely snuggly pictures with Tom - we can see that he is adored.

    Good luck with the braiding - bet you're glad you don't have to do your cat's tails everyday!

  26. Ok, mom had to get her weekly snuggles in with you guys.
    The horses are gorgeous!

  27. Great job #1! We think you did a wonderful braid. That's one big horse bum!!


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