Saturday, 6 March 2010

SEI WHATurday?!

I AM CONFUSED!!! #1 intimated last week that there would be all kinds of excitement this week. I thought that maybe, my sister Tama-Chan would come back and you know what? She did and then she was gone, and we see her from time to time, and then she is gone again! What is going on?

We were out in the run together:

I looked closely. It really was her!

I tried talking to Yuu-Chan about it as we watched the birds, but you know him, Mr. Easy-Going...

I thought about it all really hard!

And I STILL can't figure any of it out!!!

So I decided there is only one option left:

A Note from #1: The three kits went off as scheduled yesterday. Bibi-Chan still has a bit of the sniffles so I have decided to keep him apart from Sei-Chan and Yuu-Chan for a few more days, until he is all better. Tommy and I slept in the back room last night with Tama and Bibi, so that they wouldn't feel too lonely!


  1. Sei-Chan, we can only imagine what is going on with Tama-Chan. We are sad to say goodbye to the kits, but we know they will be bringing joy to wherever they go. We'd better turn up the purrs for little BiBi-Chan and make those sniffle begone!

  2. Oh that is most confusing. Now you see her, now you don't. I am sure things will be back to normal soon.


  3. Glad to hear everything went smoothly yesterday. Always hard to let them go but nice at the same time. Easier when you know that they are loved and safe. I love the last pic! Perfect!

  4. Sorry you couldn't figure it out, but a nap is the best way to pass the free time.

    Glad the kittens went home and everything went okay. Hope those sniffles go away!

  5. Lots of excitement and changes at your house. Enjoy your time in the run.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  6. My Mom is interested that #1 manages to keep the back room closed off making 2 "zones" without cats scratching and meowing to get to the other side. e.g. Tama to go out, or last night, with Sei and Yuu left alone, not wanting to get in. What is her secret?

    Bye bye kittehs!

  7. Good job, Sei-Chan. When in doubt, napping is the best solution. :)

  8. We hope Tama and Bibi-Chan are free to roam the house soon! You are a good guardian #1!

  9. I have that same issue here with the khats -

    Sometimes they are there
    Sometimes they are not

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  10. I am glad everything was smooth going. And that you have SUN!!!

  11. Glad all went well. Hope the sniffles go away soon!
    I checked out the fair pictures of the Percheron horses. Very impressive horses! I loved the braided tails! We used to do that for shows when I was showing hunter/jumper. Not knowing much about Percherons, I did a little internet research and read from the American Percheron society site (or some such goup -- can't remember the exact name) that Percherons were the big war horses in the middle ages, that they were used throughout the early modern period as draft horses, and that they became in danger of dying out in the early twentieth century (at least in the US) because draft horse were being replaced by machinery. The fair reminded me a lot of the big stock shows they have around where we live. They are huge deals and draw from all over the US -- The one nearest us also has a big rodeo. We sometimes go to look at the animals. I always like checking out the goats and there is always a big rabbit display. It is tons of fun. Our state fair is very good for this too. We are on our way to see the horse this afternoon! Very excited!
    Have a great weekend, all --

  12. Maybe when you wake up everything will be back to normal.

  13. There is always such excitement going on at your place! Hopefully things will get less confusing after your nap.

  14. We hope yoo all have a good weekend and Bibi-Chan feels better soon.

    We are sad to see the kits go, but they started their journey with such love that we are sure thy will be confident happy kittens.

  15. Bye bye special little kittens, we're glad you've got wonderful new homes. Hoping that the sniffles pass soon!

  16. That's really strange, Sei-Sei. Better nap a bit longer and hope that things will be normal soon.
    Purrs to Bibi!

  17. Very smart to sleep on it Sei-chan. Hope little Bibi feels better soon so he can come out and play with you!

  18. The plan is to kidnap Tama-Chan..there is no other way
    Benny & Lily

  19. It must all be very confusing to all, but with time you will all be fine. So nice of Tommy and #1 to help Tama-Chan cope with the moving on of her babies.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  20. I'm sorry, why did you sleep in the back room on the day the kits left? Was it to keep Tama and Bibi from feeling lonely or are you like my mother and chose to sleep with Tama and Bibi so you could feel a bit better?
    I want to wish the kits my best once again.
    xoxoxo wherever you are


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