Monday, 8 March 2010

Manly Monday With The Boys

Tom: #1 and I have ben having a bit of a discussion and we don't seem to be able to agree on this, so we decided to ask your opinion. I think that having a muddy nose is an extremely manly thing, like so:

#1 says I look a mess. What do YOU say?

The next topic we definitely agree on. It is most manly to guard the car whilst the chauffeur is off running errands:

It is also most manly to stand motionless behind the winter grass, waiting for the tennis ball to be thrown!

and last but not least, it is manliest of all to exchange a quick cuddle with one's tiny sister Hime-Chan, who was back for a few hours yesterday to meet her new Forever Family.

Yuu-Chan: Today, I have something quite overwhelmingly manly to show you... my TOES! You may laugh at the thought of his but behold:

Those are the toes of an extreme climber!

... Who knows also how to lie in the sun and be an extreme charmer

Bibi-Chan: I am apparently a Mancat-in-Training since I am only three months old. But I think that the essence of being a true mancat is to make everybody want to hug you, and Im already an old pro at that! What do you think?

and don't whiskers count too?!


  1. I think the gals go for the rough and tumble look of a muddy nose, so stick with it. Guarding the car is also an officially approved manly activity.


  2. Tom, guarding the car is very very manly. Lovely toes, Yuu, and Bibi, you are such a cute mancat in training!

  3. Good morning boys! A very manly start to the week!!

  4. Those are great RAWR clawrs, Yuu-Chan. Very manly. On the nose issue, we are undecided. Do you try to wipe your nose on the windows and do a little mud painting? That is very manly behaviour!:)

  5. Tommy, I think mud on the nose is very manly. Definitely.

  6. Tom, you are Mister Man...that is like Mister Universe...all man...THE man. And Yuu...I love those pink todes!!! Oh! Oh! Oh! and are going to be a serious killer man-cat because you are already a serious killer babyboy-cat! REOW!!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures you gorgeous things you!

    A node rub to you all
    (and Tiny sends tode tickles)

  7. Tommy, we bet you are the best manly , muddy-nosed car-guarding poochie pie ever!

    And the rest of you mancat and mini-mancats are pretty darn manly and kyoot, too!

  8. What a manly crew! We think mud is quite manly and attractive. It shows you have been engaging in fun activities. We are sure that your #1 feels much more secure with you protecting the car Tommy. The kitten boys are looking quite manly too.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  9. Tom we agree with you muddy noses are very manly.

    Yuu-Chan your toes are so cute.

    Bibi-Chan we want to hug you so we guesses you are a pro. ~AFSS

  10. MANLY ovFURload here!

    Well done!

    Merdie and I would love to experience all your manly charms and services!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  11. Sorry, #1 but we must agree with Tom on this. The mud looks very manly.

  12. I double checked with Grete and she says ::swoon::...muddy noses are definitely manly!

  13. muddy - nose - very manly
    guarding the metal monster wif wheels - very manly (it would only be manlier if you were DRIVING it).
    mighty claws of doom on mancat feets - very manly
    baby mancat in training - SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (but in a manly way0

  14. Wooos! I like the manly looks, although I have a few of those sometimes myself, not the claws though! The dirty nose is not just manly it is Dog! Love the manly job woo do guarding the car!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  15. Bibi--you are a cutie. I think you are going to be a heartbreaker! Tommy you are quite brave to guard the car and Yuu--such toes you have!!!

  16. Ah, my dear Bibi-Chan. I have taught you well.

  17. Hey Tom!
    For a moment I thought those were your toes, BOL! Yep, I agree - muddy snooters are the manliest thing around. Keep sniffing buddy!

  18. We think you are all correct. Tommy, muddy noses definitely are part of being manly. And the same is true for cuddles. And strong toes - absolutely manly. And cuteness overload - Bibi- you are the man!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  19. I think The Poupounette is bursting with manliness!! Muddy nose and all. Just wipe your feet please before entering the house. And it looks like Bibi-Chan has some pretty manly toes too.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  20. I totally agree. The cuddle was the manliest moment, Tom

  21. Such great manly photos!

    Muddy noses are a must!

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  22. WE think you are all very handsome men! Tommy you look great with the mud on your nose - that is a very cute picture! And Yuu-Chan, those are quite possibly the most manly toes I have seen! And Bibi-Chan you are learning very quickly the important things to being a mancat!

  23. Only the a true manly dog feels comfortable showing his softer side!

    I have conferred with Sammy on the Muddy Nose question, and he believes that lady dogs are very impressed by the rakish air one achieves with a bit of mud on one's nose.

    Yuu -- those toes are something! They definitely reveal you to be an extreme climber.

    Bibi -- you have the sweetest little face.

    Hope everything went well with Hime-Chan meeting his new family.

  24. Yuu-Chan, those are some impressive toesies! We bet you can do some extreme climbing with those!

  25. I am blushing over the manliness of this post! *blush*
    Pee Ess: Tommy, you look handsome, not a mess!

  26. Tommy, we think a dab of mud is quite manly, so long as it's not rubbed on one's kitties, one's carpet, or one's bed! Yuu-Chan, those are inded manly toes! and Bibi-Chan, you adorable little mancat in training, snuggling is indeed a manly art!


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