Monday, 15 March 2010

Manly Monday - The Brothers Three

Tom: When I first came to live with #1, I had a big brother, Sen-Chan, but he went to the Bridge and then I found myself with two sisters. Heavily outnumbered! But now the balance has been more than restored, and I am very happy to have two brothers!

Bibi-Chan is still very little, so I have to be an excellent role model for him. That is what manliness is all about. One of the most important things to teach him, right from the start, is that woofies can be a cat's best friend. Fortunately, he has been a very quick learner. I shared with him my Superman sleeping pose:

and I supervised his initial foray into the main part of the house:

And to thank me for my kindness, #1 took me out for a game of Frisbee!

Yuu-Chan: I also have been showing #1 what a perfect Mancat I am by taking extremely good care of my little brother. In the mornings, # finds us curled up together in the small cat bed next to her pillow:

I have been teaching him how to play with the blinds...

Sorry, #1, about their not surviving...

And I have been working in my spare time on developing my image as the coolest dude around...

Bibi-Chan: #1 tells me that since I am still a baby, I don't have to worry yet about how manly I am. She says just to have a good time and learn my purring lessons well. I can do that! And I have begun to learn how to use the computer too!

Note from #1: Do you notice that the image on the Mac says Sony? Do you remember that my less-than-one-year-old camera had broken down last November and Sony finally repaired it after a lot of foot-shuffling? Well, guess what? It broke again. The exact same problem four months after it was repaired! And the repair work is only guaranteed three months. And what would be the point of having it repaired anyway, now that I know the poor quality of their repair work. So, farewell (or rather Sayonara) Sony. You are a disgrace.


  1. You are on your way to being a most manly kitty for sure.


  2. The testosterone is on the increase for sure!!! MOL!

    Glad to see the little family comming together.

    Sorry #1 about Sony being so horrid. We never had anything Sony but we won't now!

  3. So Bibi had his first prey? Concats! Even if it was the blinds... hehehehehe. Tommy and Yuu-Yuu, you are the best role models Bibi can pawsibly ask for. You three are too sweet together!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  4. Aw Tom...I'm not much of a dog lover in general, but I think I could really like are cool. You are like the laid-back big bro that a man-cat needs. I'm glad you are no longer the 'under-dog' in the boy/girl pool ...a guy needs buddies...girls are nice, but we need man-cat or man-dog buddies. I want one, too.....

    My mom told me to tell your Mom that if she squints (whatever that means), when looking at the word 'Sony'...the 'n' almost can look like 'rr'....'Sorry'. Mom has a Canon and she is very happy with it.

    Have a great day, dudes!! (I love to say that word: DOOOOOOOODs hahahaha!)
    Your pal, Lautrec
    (I think Tiny is off sleeping in the sun or doing some girly thing...whatever.)

  5. You is going to be a good mancat Bibi-Chan!

  6. Woooos! I see "blind" games are all the rage there as well as here too! Mum is furever worrying about how they look, but whatever... Woo are getting to be a big boy now Bibi! we look forward to seeing more of woo!
    ~puppy kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  7. Wonderful manly shots. And thanks for "wrning" us not to buy a Sony camera! Our two are Olympus and Canon. The Canon (Powershot D10) is too new to know about repairs, but the Olympus has been good for 5 years with no problems.

  8. Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing your Monday with us! My fav is the one with the blinds!! Great lesson!


  9. Yuu Chan , you awe a most puwwfect mancat big bwovvew to little adowable Bibi Chan..and what can I say about tommy..he is a model big bwuvvew always..that fwisbee play was well desewved. I think those blindses must have made a wondewful toy fow little BibiChan, heheheh

    sayonawa sony good widdance

    smoochie kisses

  10. We are glad that Tommy and Yuu-Chan are teaching BiBi good manliness lessons. Except for the blinds, which didn't survive the lesson...

    That stinks about #1's camera. They should replace it for you for free. Bad customer service makes us hiss.

  11. It is so cool that all you boys are getting along so well. You are all the epitome of manliness! Too bad about your camera. We will make sure that we never get one of those.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  12. Definitely a mancat in the making. And wot lovely bruvfurs yoo have.

  13. I think that was a fine kettle of manliness! Sony would make me very angry. sigh.

  14. You better savor these moments, Tom. Pretty soon Bibi-Chan is going to be one super manly cat and all his cute kitten ways will just be a memory. I love the pictures of Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan snuggling!

  15. That's a lot of manliness in one post! And Tommy, you are just the sweetest boy!

    Momma says she can highly recommend Canon. Her old point and shoot is about 6 years old and has never given her a minute's trouble. It gives US a lot of trouble, but not Mom!

  16. Ha! Tommy's Superman sleeping pose is exactly like my stepdaughter's dog (Osborn), who is also a Springer Spaniel. According to her, Osborn always sleeps on his back like that.
    We're glad that Bibi-Chan's purring lessons are going well. So sorry to hear about your Sony Camera. Boo for them! I have a very simple Canon PowerShot that takes a beating (that would be from Snafu) and keeps on clicking.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  17. Nice job on the manliness. I'll need to take note for when Puppy is old enough.


  18. A very manly post indeed. And we're not getting us a Sony either. ;)

  19. Three beautiful boys, each in his own way. Great Manly Monday post. Tommy, you are such a great big brother. Bibi-Chan will learn so well from you. And Yuu-Chan, you are just so handsome. And little Bibi-chan, please don't grow up too fast, we like seeing a little man around too.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  20. This is a furry manly post.Tom, you are great in teaching manly things.You are a perfect big brother.
    It looks like you all have a great day!

    Luna, Luzie and Olli

  21. Boo on Sony.

    BUT! Hooray for all the lovely woofie and kitty pictures. Bibi-chan is going to be such a handsome man-cat and Yuu-chan can definitely be the role model for coolness.

    Tommy, you are the best woofie a kitty could have. Ever!b

  22. Oh Tommy!

    If only this woofie were khloser - she'd LOVE to khome visit woo and your brofurs!

    That is furry khrappy about the khamera - of khourse S*** won't khare bekhause they are S*** -

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  23. Bibi-Chan is sure to grow into a wonderful mancat with so many manly role models around him!

  24. Bibi-Chan, you have 2 very good role models there!

  25. Oh Tommy and Yuu-Chan, both of you are going to be wonderful teachers for little Bibi-Chan!!

  26. Now you are all even! Three females (including #1 of course) and three males in the house!

  27. Tommy, you are really such a good CatDad!

  28. Lots of boys in the house now!!! What a manly monday!!! Tom, you are doing a great job and supervising Bibi!!!

    Woof Velcro


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