Friday, 5 March 2010

Fond Farewell Friday

#1 here. I am taking over the blog today because this is the day we wish a fond farewell to Fuku-Chan, Hime-Chan and GoGo-Chan as they leave their mummy and the world of the back room, and start their new lives. These past three months have been a truly extraordinary experience, from the drama of the Caesarian delivery and Tama's initial (and thankfully very short-lived) lack of interest, to their thriving on mother's milk, growing, opening their eyes, climbing out of the box and becoming playful, affectionate and naughty. The last few days have been a little stressful, with everyone having sniffles but I think we have turned the corner. Even Fuku-Chan is playing more and eating everything in sight!

Way Back When...

Hime-Chan is going to friends of Uncle U's and Fuku-Chan and GoGo-Chan will be at Uncle U's for now, so there will be regular news and photos, and I hope to visit the boys next week.

In the spirit of what I have shared with the kittens, I would like to post today a series of photos with them, most of which taken last weekend by Gabriel, Tora-Chan's big brother:

With Bibi and GoGo:

With GoGo:

With Fuku:

With Tama and GoGo:

With Hime and GoGo:

With Bibi and Hime

Wth GoGo

... And with the lot!

Fare Thee Well, Fuku, Hime and Gogo. May you be "Chans" forever! And a warm and enthusiastic welcome to The Poupounette to Bibi!


  1. Oh, kittens and #1, what wonderful photographs! Mom's feeling a little emotional, imagining it is probably hard to let them go, but how very nice that 2 boys will be nearby, so they are not really going away in the strictest terms.

    We loved your blog before the kittens were born, and the past 3 months have enjoyed it even more, following the changes and stages - everybody is so adorable, handsome, beautiful.......

    It will be good now for Tama to be able to go back to some of her old routines, especially the marvels of going out in the run. And looks like having Bibi join the family is going to be lots of fun for him and for Yuu and Sei-Chan.

    Farewell, Fuku, Go-go, and Himi!

  2. Bye little kittens. Hope you enjoy your new homes. You remember all the things that mom and Tommy taught you, OK?


  3. Best of luck Fuku-Chan,GoGo-Chan and Hime-Chan! What gorgeous pics of you all with #1. The PM is feeling a little teary eyed thinking of you all leaving. What a house filled with love!!!

    You will all be blessing another home with your unique Chan-ness.

    Purrs and {hugs},

    Goldie,Shade, Banshee and PM

  4. Beautiful babies, we wish you the happiest of lives. We have enjoyed watching you grow and thrive and learn about all the fun things in life. We will miss you!

  5. All the best for your hopefully long-lived and happy lives, sweet furriends! We are so much looking forward to the updates already.
    We love you, Hime, Fuku and GoGo!

    Hi Bibiiiiiiii!

  6. Is it 3 months already?
    Ouch, that must be hard to let them go, on the other hand, you may appreciate some peace in the house :-)
    How did you manage to held the whole bunch in your arms ? :-)

  7. I wish all the bebbehs a long and happy life filled with love and delicious treats.

  8. How cute! We know you will miss all their antics and we will look forward to seeing photos of them in their new homes.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  9. ::sniff sniff:: how sad and 'aciting and wonderful all at the same time!!! Be well little ones and haf great lives!!!

  10. Such beautiful kittens, and mama, too! I've loved reading about them & seeing all the cute pictures!

  11. Beautiful pics! I am sure it will be so hard to see them of luck to them! I know they will have very loving new homes!

  12. Best of luck little "Chans"! We hope you all have long and very joyful lives!

  13. Sweet kisses to all you fine kittens as you go out in the world to spread your joy and snuggles.

    We have enjoyed every minute of watching you grow up. Purrrs.

    xoxo Cory and family

  14. Sweet blessings to the little ones as they begin their new lives.

  15. Love the photos of #1 with all the kittens. So wonderful.

    Farewell little ones, we look forward to your further adventures and to the further adventures of Tommy and the Chans!

    9 and Chani

  16. All the pikhs were so great BUT I think I've decided:

    I want a khytty boukhwet!

    Best wishes to all!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  17. Wipes eyes with paws... Farewell little kits! Purrs.

  18. We're gonna miss seeing you guys!! We have a little tear in our eyes!

  19. Bye bye bye sweet little kittens!!!!
    Hope you enjoy your new homes!!!!
    You deserve all the best in your life!!!
    Have a wonderful life puppies....
    We'll keep you in our hearts!!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks!!!!
    And we love love love the pics with your mommy!!!!

  20. of luck in your new homes!

  21. The day I've been dreading is here. I don't know what's wrong with me. This isn't bad news, it's just that I'm too sensitive and I get attached quickly. I'm sure everyone is going to a loving home, but I'll miss them. So long feline-frunds. May you have a lovely life filled with love and games. Mwahs

  22. Bye, bye kittens - lots of love and best wishes from Clive and the NSLM!

    We loved all the photos. It was lovely to see #1 with you all!

  23. I think I might be getting Fuku-Chan's cold because I'm getting a bit sniffy and teary.

    Farewell, little ones! *waves paw sadly*

  24. It is hard to believe that the kitties are old enough to go to their new homes! Lovely pics! Welcome, Bibi, to the Poupounette regular! Farewell little kitties!

  25. Oh we are going to miss you GoGo, Hime and Fuku! You are such little cuties and we are very happy that you will all be going on to wonderful homes - but we will still miss you!

    WE hope everyone has a very wonderful weekend!

  26. It's so hard to believe that the little ones are 3 months old now! We hope that Fuku-chan, Hime-chan and Gogo-chan all enjoy their new home and that we get to hear about their adventures now and then.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Charlemagne and Tamar

  27. We wish the kittens a fond farwell! We so enjoyed watching them grow up!! We will miss them!

  28. Farewell, sweet kittens. We'll miss you!

  29. We are especially amazed at the final picture. What a lot of legs! Each of you are so beautiful. It has been such a reward to share your earliest moments.

    Abby & Stygia

  30. OH, the photos are all wonderful and #1 looks so happy and proud. We are glad to know that some of the kitties will be close enough for us to see more of them. We send them all off with lots of wishes for happiness and good health.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

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