Thursday, 4 March 2010

Bibi-Chan Thursday!

Bibi-Chan: I know I'm still only very little but I wanted to tell you that us kittens are THREE MONTHS OLD today! So, I asked #1 if I could have the blog today, on behalf of my brothers and sister, as a kind of celebration.

Of course, the less fun bit is that we should start with a health report. We were very touched by everyone's concern. I am better, and Hime and GoGo only have trouble-making in mind, but Fuku-Chan remains very congested. The vet has just switched him to a different antibiotic which should work better to clear his nasal passages. #1 is making sure he eats well and is properly hydrated, and she has been sticking him in the carrier (which he loves) for 10-15 minute periods, with a special spray of essential oils, and a towel over the carrier. We would be grateful for a few purrs to help him get all better very quickly.

Before I got the sniffles, #1 let me explore the outside world for a little bit. I was happy to see Tommy, and I met again the big red guy who had come into our room a couple of times. He looks so cool and I have a feeling I am going to be good buddies with him. He gave me a good licking in the nicest possible way:

and he even played with me!

There was another ladycat who sniffed me up a bit. I really like the look of her too!

Here is a nice picture of me with my sister, Hime-Chan. She is leaving tomorrow, but she will be back for a bit on Sunday as her new family are coming here to collect her. That way, they will get to meet our Mummy too!

and here I am playing with GoGo-Chan:

I know I am going to miss them, and Fuku-Chan, but I am looking forward to moving into the main part of the house and discovering the cat run. My mummy has been telling me how wonderful it is! And I will still be able to do one of my very favourite things:

#1 here. The Salon de l'Agriculture yesterday was a lot of fun, and very crowded! I spent most of the day with the Percheron horses and my only regret is that I didn't even get to the pavilions with the cattle, sheep and pigs. I have posted some photos of the horses here, if you are interested.


  1. We are very glad to hear the kits are almost all better and will keep purrs going for Fuku-Chan.

    The horses are awesome!

  2. Little Bibi-Chan, what a gorgeous snuggle photo of you and #1. You look positively blissed out:)

    We are sending lots of purrs and clear passage thoughts to Fuku-Chan.

  3. Beautiful coats you have, very shiny!!
    Good thoughts for Fuku-can!


  4. Mom wants to know wether Titus was at the show too.
    We are purring ever so heavily for Fuku to get over the congestion. It is no fun at all to feel sick and we know that he's such a fun guy. Look at you and Yuu-Yuu, Bibi! Best of buddies already. It looks like your introduction is going smoothly. Nice!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  5. That last picture of you and #1 is just so precious. We will continue purrs for little Fuku-Chan.

  6. Wooos! we will be keeping our paws crossed for Fuku-Chan! What a wonderful time woo will have in the big house playing with all of your fur friends and snuggling with mom...
    ~puppy kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  7. Awww! That last photo of you and #1 is total sweetness. It is wonderful that you are making nice friends with your household family members.
    We will keep Fuku-Chan in our thoughts and purrs. And, sweet good-byes to your sister.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  8. Nice to meet you Bibi-Chan! You look like you enjoyed hanging out with the big guys. We hope Fuku-chan feels better soon.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  9. You look adorable snuggling with your #1!

  10. We hope little Fuku-Chan feels better soon. We know you are going to have fun, Bibi-Chan, when you get to explore that cat run. xoxo

  11. Hi Bibi-Chan! We are glad that you got a post of your own! It is going to be very exciting and also sad when everyone goes on to their new forever homes.

    We are sending lots of get better purrs and prayers for Fuku-Chan!!

  12. We're glad yous all feeling better. We didn't knows you was sick. Stupid mum having a bad back and not blogging!

  13. Healing fluffy tail thoughts fur ALL!

    Happy 1/4 Purrday to all of woo!

    Thanks fur sharing the pikhs from #1's trip - some furry beaWOOtiful big 'doggies' there!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  14. Purring for Fuku-chan. Love all the photos especially the last one. Sooo sweet!

  15. Snuggles make everything better!

  16. Good news on the health front but a feeling of sadness overtakes me when I visit you lately. We'll all adjust though in the end, as we always to. I'm going to miss them too.

  17. Poor little Fuku-Chan. I am ramping up my purring to get him on the road to recovery.

    That picture of you and #1 is so darling. Wuv, twue wuv!

    You give your lovely Mummy a big kiss from me!

  18. That last photo was really lovely!

    We hope Fuku-Chan is much better soon!

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  19. That last photo is just precious:) Bibi-Chan, you did a great job with your post. We have our paws crossed for Fuku-Chan to be better and for all the kitties to be feeling great.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  20. Happy 3 months to you guys! :)

  21. I was sorry I hadnt realised that there had been ilness as I was away I send purrs now.. Todays pictures are adorable.. Hugs GJ xx

  22. Everyone looks so sweet. How nice that Yuu and Bibi are going to be good buddies.

    Feel better fast, Fuku!

    That last snuggle picture is fabulous.

  23. Happy first three months. Life is going to be good going forward too.

  24. Aw, Bibi-Chan, that is such a cute picture of you with #1!! We hope Fuku-san is feeling better soon!

  25. Happppeeeee three months old babies. We just wish mom would stop telling us she loves you guys!
    Benny & Lily

  26. Bibi-Chan, you know I enjoy seeing you with your sibling, but to see you with the grownups in the main rooms! You're quite grown up! I'm very sorry for little Fuku-Chan and hope her wee snoot clears up muchly. Tommy is a great playmate, isn't he? He seems to know just how to greet a new young member of the household.

  27. Continue purrs for little Fuku-Chan. Hope you are breathing easier soon!!

    Bibi-Chan, that pic of you and #1 just melts the heart!!!

  28. We are sending stay well purrs to the kittens. Sorry we haven't been able to visit sooner. It seems the kittens are ready to start on some exciting adventures. Bibi-Chan welcome to The Poupounette's you will love playing with Tommy. ~AFSS


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