Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Toesday and More With Tama-Chan

Tuesday is a fun day because there are so many possibilities for posting, lots of fun "T" words to choose from. We tend to be fans of Toesday and #1 is always taking photos of all of us with that in mind.

My first offering for today is a bit of a combo job, though. You see, I am known as "The Princess" around here (and my full name is "Tama Hime" which means Princess Tama!) and every time Uncle U comes to visit, he likes to spend time making sure I look just so! As all of you girls know, one must often suffer to look one's best...

Positioning me just right...

and here come the scissors!

Pretty girls do NOT have hair hanging out of their ears!

Of course, at the end of this rather uncomfortable moment comes one of Uncle U's special cuddle sessions!

He knows all the very best spots to scratch. It is just divine!

You got a bit of a toe display from me in the photos above, but this week, the toe champs are Tommy and Sei-Chan who are still working on their coordinated routines. I think they are doing pretty well!

And by the way, #1 is home with us all day today! It is so wonderful to hang out together!



  1. Tama-Chan, you are a very patient ladycat. If my mum tried that on me, she'd be in the Emergency room quicker than she can say "no scratching!".

    Those are lovely photos of Tommy and little Sei-Chan. Sigh:)

  2. Oh! It's looks like a torture....but we know who TAMA loves it.
    Toes have something special, may be they deliver some electicity who makes contact so spécial:))),
    but for sure from here escape the sweating generated by emotions.

    ViVi & AB

  3. Scissors??! I can't believe you are so patient Tama-Chan!

    You are adorable as usual...that takes special double dipped in sweet sauce to be that cute!

  4. That means we must be related because my full title is "Princess Kah-zee-zee Bumblestumps the 3rd". The Tall Man just said it one day and I LOVE my royal title, I always respond to it. I've never had my ear hairs trimmed before, it must be tickly.


  5. And I khan't believe WOO are so patient, Tommy!

    Tank woo fur sharing all these T's today!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  6. Getting those ear massages would be worth the time of getting ear hair clipped. Great toe/feet pictures.
    Ernie & Sasha

  7. SQUEE! I do not think that I'd like anyone fussing with my ears. You are a professional, Tama-Chan!
    Those toe pics are crazy cute!

  8. Those are great photos of everyone! And I agree Tama-Chan - you are very patient!

  9. Oh my cat! That looks a little scary.

  10. paw-some pics - cute feets

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  11. Great pictures! You are very patient Tama-Chan. I don't like haveing scissors near my ears and I'm human!

  12. My goodness, the things you beautiful girls have to endure. The ear strokies do look kinda worth it though...

  13. OOHHHHH, how sweet and what a good girl you are through all of that. Theodore and Sasha would fight me to the death if I ever tried that on them!

    Stay sweet and hang in there! LOVE the pics by the way sweetie.


  14. I love your modesty paw in that first shot!

  15. You noticed, Misha!


  16. We're very impressed Tama-Chan!

    Don't like scissors coming near me at all!

    Take care

  17. We agree, you are quite beautiful, Princess Tama! But... Scissors? Ack!


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