Saturday, 8 August 2009

Sei-Chan on Saturday!

Sei-Chan: GUESS WHAT? I finally got the Frisbee and it's now all mine! I am definitely going to hang on to it forever and ever!!!

Tommy says he doesn't mind as #1 cracked open a new one for him after she got back (He has started to trash it already...).

On the subject of Tommy, #1 says that the two of us could start a circus act. This is what she is referring to:

"Grrrrr......wooooooof... I'm going to eat you, you delicious-looking kitten!"

... "Just teasing, little sister...!"

And still on the subject of siblings, #1 is wondering if I shall ever outgrow my habit of sitting ON my sister, rather than next to her...

Tama-Chan doesn't seem to mind, and it's VERY comfortable, you know!

In conclusion to my post for today, I would like to wish everyone a great weekend and HAPPY WORLD CAT DAY!


  1. I think once you start getting bigger you won't find Tama-Chan so tolerant about being your cushion. There's always Tommy as a backup though!

  2. As long as Tama-Chan doesn't mind then why stop? That is a scary picture of Tommy, but obviously he doesn't worry you! You've got that woofie wrapped around your little paw!

  3. Sei Chan you run the house!

    ViVi & AB

  4. Happy World Khat Day to all!

    Now get chasing one, Tommy!


  5. Hahaha! Sei-Chan, you crack us up:)

  6. Happy World Cat Day!
    Sei-Chan, I try to sleep on Siena whenever pawsible. Big sisfurs are among the comfiest 'things' on earth. You guys are looking good together. We're glad to see you all reunited!
    Purrs, Chilli

  7. That frisbee looks like a whole big bunch of fun! I love all your pictures. So cute.

  8. You're so funny Sei-Chan! I try to do the same thing with Tagpi, but since I'm more than twice as heavy as him he tries his best to wiggle away. Tom really did a number on that frisbee! Good thing he has a brand new one. Happy World Cat day! Is there a world dog day?

  9. oh Sei-chan, 9 does the same thing to Chani! And Chani is smaller than he is. Sigh... I'm sure it's pretty comfortable. I used to use Q as a pillow on occasion.

    Tommy, you are so silly. I know you won't eat darling Sei-chan, no matter how delectable she seems :)

  10. It's good you all have someone to play with all the time. Sometimes when my mom is really busy I wish I had someone to play with, too. (I try to get to the bunny outside the window but it won't come in and play and my mom won't open the window so I can get out to play with it either.)


  11. Okay, mom is oficially a bit silly: The Monty Q was, of course us!

  12. you guys are so cut - a frisbee cat how cool - and we love the pics of tommy and you - and sweetie lays on top of woodrow too

    Woodrow - Sweetie - Sherman

  13. Sei-Chan, you are just too cute. We hope you all had a wonderful World Cat Day. You are so lucky that Tommy is so gentle with you.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  14. We think that sometimes it is good to sit on a sibling because then you can really make the point that you ♥ them and if they don't believe you, you can sit on them until they do☺

  15. Happy World Cat Day!

  16. It looks like Sei-Chan has forgotten she's not a tiny baby kitty anymore...but it also looks like Tama-Chan doesn't mind at all being sat on (and you girls are so petite, it's way different than being sat on by one of us!) The Tommy-Jaws picture was hilarious.

  17. Happy World Cat Day
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


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