Monday, 17 August 2009

Manly Monday

Tom: We are very late in posting today. Recently, #1 has been doing a lot of volunteer work for the Percheron Horse Society and so has been out a lot. The good news is that I have been able to accompany her most of the time! Yesterday, we went to a great horse fair which featured not just Percherons but all 9 breeds of French draft horse! It was a very hot day but, fortunately, we were in the shade most of the time as we were helping at the Society stand. But all of this is a prelude to telling about the huge excitement yesterday: I met a girl! There was a beautiful English Springer Spaniel girl strutting about and I was quite taken with her! To tell the truth, I don't even know her name, but isn't she just lovely?

This afternoon, I helped #1 with her work at the office, and we even went to the post office together! Sadly, I wasn't allowed inside. This was the first time she tied me outside like this, and I was a very good boy indeed!

I am very much enjoying this new direction my life is taking!


  1. Oh my: she is beaWOOtiful! I khan see why woo are so taken!

    Mom says she is furry glad woo liked the froot bats! They were khwite inkhredible!


  2. wow we love horses - they even usually like us - sorry you got tied outside - we go everywhere with mommy too the tied up stuff isnt too bad when the weather is nice

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  3. Hi all!! We've missed you guys so much too. We just caught up on all of your adorable pictures and fun adventures- you guys sure live the life!!


  4. She is a beautiful girl. And you look so handsome patiently waiting for #1 outside the post office!

    9 and Chani

  5. Really nice girl friend Tom, are your sisters jalous??

    ViVi & AB

  6. Ohh, this looks like puppy love to me!! And what a lovely girl she is!

  7. Did you invite that pretty woofy to have some snuggles?

  8. Tommy, that lady is HOT! You two would be quite the match! You're becoming a city-mannered dog now, huh?
    BTW, we totally agree on the SLAVERY. Mom is absolutely wasted when she comes homes and worth nothing. We want to play! Hopefully she will buy us treats from all the money she makes in this job... She says the only good thing is that this contrast program could finally get her working on her ultimate academic task. Paws crossed that this works out!
    Siena & Chilli

  9. What a pretty girl shes is. Was she taken with you as well?

  10. Wow that is a cute girl dog there! Too bad you did not get her name. And it looks like you were very well behaved at the post office - that is good because then maybe you can go more places!!

  11. She is a very pretty girl! I think if I saw her I'd be head over heels in puppy love!

  12. You look so very sweet staring into the post office!

  13. Tommy, you are so good, sitting there patiently waiting!

    Your friend looked very cute - we were very impressed!

    lots of woofs

  14. Tom, we cud see dat da woofie girl was bootiful. Too bad yoo did not get her name. We still dun understand why yoo woofies like being taken on a leash.

  15. She is very lovely! Will you see her again soon?

  16. C'mon, Tommy, don't be shy - go ask her what her name is - she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Woos, the OP Pack

  17. She is stunning! I am sure she was overwhelmed by your manliness.

    I like those big draft horses. They remind me of... ME!


  18. Next time your at the Post Office, can you ask if Western Union can send you over here for a visit?



  19. What a good woofy you are Tommy! I'm glad you told me that was a girly doggy that looked like you though, cause I thought I was seeing double! ;)

    Oh not only do we have a woofy to watch now, but a Thrush too! :)


  20. Tommy,
    You are so cute, and good boy.
    I am very impressived.

    You should be able to meet
    the charming lady
    in a few days.

  21. You have been having quite the manly adventures. And we are sure that girl dog remembers your name, or smell anyway!


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