Monday, 24 August 2009

Manly Monday With Tommy!

Tom: It's finally raining and a bit cooler after a lot of hot weather. We are taking it easy over here today because the last few days have seen so much action. Before I forget, I want to show you a photo of my birthday cake:

It really was a great party and I was tuckered out at the end of it!

But we didn't get much of a rest as we were all on duty the next day at the big Percheron horse event that was held at the Manoir de Courboyer. I helped at the Percheron Horse Society stand, as I always do. Here I am with our friend Ms.L:

And in my supervisory capacity:

Last time we went to such an event, there were a few people who were disappointed not to se photos of horses, so we have some for you today.

First of all, there was an amazing man there, Roland Bossard, who trains Percherons for shows. He came on dressed as for the Venetian Carnaval, riding bareback on his beautiful white horse:

and then he removed the reins, so that the horse responded only to voice and knees:

It was absolutely magical!

There were also lots of Percherons there who were being utilised in more traditional ways.

It was a beautiful day and fun to be outside!


  1. Oh my cat!It looks like Roland Bossard and his horse are one!

    Tommy, you must have done a great job extolling the virtue of handsome woofies to the horsey set:) We can't get enough of that face!:)

  2. What stunning horses!

    Mango Momma

  3. Thank you for showing us the Percherons. Mommy loves horses so it made her day to see them. ~S,S,C & F

  4. Wow, it's so cool that you got to be there to see all that Tommy!

  5. Your cake looked yuuummmmy Tom! We hope you had a big piece! LOVE how you sleep on your back with your paws up. Very sweet!

    Beautiful horses! What did Tom think of them?

    Chasing my tale...
    Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

  6. WOW! That's a FANTASTIC ADVENTURE! And the cake looked awesome, hope it was delicious! BTW, your snoopervisory skills are excellent Tom. Don't know how they ever managed without you.


  7. So glad woo had a bonne anniversaire!

    Tank woo fur sharing the horsedoggies too!

    Nice paw placement!

    I hope woo are still resting!


  8. you look like you were doing a great job supervising - and those horses are incredible

    yummy looking cake too - hope you had a wonderful birthday

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  9. Magnificent horses! Thank you so much for sharing those photos!

    Your cake looked really yummy Tommy!

    lots of woofs

  10. What handsome fellows those Percherons are-and Roland Bossard looks magnificent and the horse on aids..well done!

    Tommy, Happy Happy Anniversary, my friend..I thought you looked especially good on duty at the festival!

  11. Those horsies are so amazing!

    ps: Tommy, that cake looks yummy for the tummy.

  12. Tommy, I would love to just give you belly rubs!

    Those horses are simply amazing. Sigh... one day I shall see them in person!

  13. That cake looks delicious! Did # 1 make it for you?

    Those horses are all gorgeous. You're so lucky to go to such an event. I see lots of horses near my house since we live next to farmland, but none of them can ever compare with your beautiful Percherons.

  14. What a great day you had! These horses are truly amazing. Mom would love to see one one day...

  15. I love horses. I like the way you oversaw everything.

  16. Mmmm... CAKE! Tommy, we bet you had the best time!

  17. Looks like lots of fun. Happy purrthday Tommy.

  18. Joyeux Anniversaire a toi!!! Hope it was a memorable day for you, Tommy!

    Those horses are just beautiful.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  19. Tom, your birthday cake looks very beautiful and yummy. We're glad you had a wonderful birthday. Those Percheron horsies are gorgeous!

  20. The horses are stunning!

    Tommy, looks like you kinda overdid it on the cake!

  21. Hi Tom. What a grand looking birthday cake. And it looks like you had a wonderful day with the Percherons...thanks for sharing the pictures of them. Meowmy loves big working horses...and we love how her boots smell when she comes back from being around them!


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