Friday, 7 August 2009

Frootbats and Flying Ears!

Tama-Chan: It's Friday again and it has now been a whole week since #1 got home. As you know, we have had a very busy time of it, but Uncle U came by last night to collect ViVi, the kittens and their mum, so it's just us again now. We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend!

Now, it's me posting again because Sei-Chan has refused to sit still long enough for #1 t take a proper Frootbat photo of her. For the last available one of her, please refer to last Saturday's post. I on the other hand, was happy to oblige:

As I just mentioned, our kitten friends have now gone home, but they were really excellent Frootbats-in-Training, and we would like to have them take part in today's Frootbat Friday feature:

Tom: This is of course ALSO "Flying Ears Friday" and I have a couple of great shots of me to include:


  1. You always have the most adorable Frootbat! And Tommy's Flying Ears always brings a big old smile to Mom's face! Happy weekend to you all!

  2. NOW it khan be Friday!

    Grrrrreat ears all the way around!


  3. Oh, my, Tama-Chan! That has to be the most beautiful photo of you yet! *swoons*

  4. Tama-Chan, perhaps you should send the kittens that photo. It is an inspiration to all potential Frootbats:)

  5. Looking good Tama-Chan. The first kitten looks a lot like you! Are you cousins? Sisters? And Tom, GREAT flying ears. Wish my ears flew around. Sigh.


  6. Big frootbats, tiny frootbats and a woofie frootbat! We are just so overwhelmed with frootbats. BTW, momma is in ♥ with those kittens. But we told her NO!

  7. Great Frootbats and they are real!
    Have a nice weekend!


  8. Nice frootbat familly!
    Tama Chan still the best!

    ViVi & AB

  9. Those are lots of fabulous frootbat ears, big and small!

  10. the kittens were adorble - happy you got your house back - have a great weekend

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  11. oh my gosh the baby Frootbats are truly excellent and show such great potential!

    But of course, Tama-chan, you are the queen and Tommy is the king of Flying ears.

    9 and Chani

  12. Phew, I was upset I couldn't get in a frootbat post, thankfully you had extra froot!! Tama-Chan, you are such an elegant lady!!! And Tommy, I can tell how happy you are that #1 is back!


  13. What a wonderful collection of frootbats! the baby kitties show extreme potential for frootbattage, as developed by Tama-Chan. And Tommy's flying ears are so cute, the absolute essence of canine joy.

  14. Oh, those kitty ears!!!!

    Good to see Tommy with his flying ears too.

    Happy weekend,the OP pack

  15. Squuuuueeee those ears! Adorable! I love also Tommy running!

  16. Those little ones have impressive frootbat ears! But of course I am always most interested in Tommy's flying ears. I will have to get my person to take a picture of mine to share.

    Your friend,

  17. Gorgeous froot bats and fabulous flying ears!


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