Friday, 4 December 2020

Heloise's Virtual Vendredi


Heloise: Youthful Neighs, Everyone! How are you all? I have something really fun to tell you about today! Some time ago, #1 was contacted by fa riend of hers at Heritage Livestock Canada (she writes occasional articles for their magazine, Genesis). Since all shows had been cancelled due to COVID, they had decided to hold an online show and asked #1 if she would be interested in taking part. She thought about it for a bit and then decided it might be fun to enter me, particularly because my granddaddy, Donnamer's Titan, was Canadian! So she sent in a bunch of photos and a video, and a nice lady over there put them together, like this

So time passed, and we weren't sure when results would be announced and then, yesterday, #1 got a message from a friend of hers in Wisconsin, congratulating her on taking part. #1 investigated further and found out that I had come second in my class of three year old fillies! That is SO exciting! #1 says that I am probably the first French-bred Percheron mare in decades to place n a contest in North America! And we were also pleased because the mare who beat me belongs to a good friend of #1's!

So, there I am, Heloise, international filly of mystery! I gather that there were entries from Canada, the United States, Ireland, Denmark and New Zealand! Here is the section with the rankings:

Who would have guessed, one year ago, when I was living in that field near Poupounette Central, that I would become an internationally-known filly!

And now I can concentrate fully on my Christmas preparations!


  1. oh! my! god! congrats!!! that is so amazing!!!! bravo heloise!!!! da phenny entered for an online show too, but he got no second place LOL

  2. How fun is that! Big congratulations! My human has entered me (and Binga) in a couple virtual cat shows. But this sounds like more fun!

  3. WooHoo!! Congratulations Heloise!!!!!
    You must be quite happy too.
    You also look lovely and festive for Christmas :)
    Purrs, Julie

  4. Congratulations Heloise and #1!! What delightful news!! You've come a long way baby!!

  5. What a wonderful acknowledgement! Congratulations, Heloise (and V!).

  6. Congrats Heloise! We can see why you would place so high since you are so beautiful.

  7. You are beautiful sweet Heloise and we are so proud of you and I know #1 is thrilled for you too!

  8. Congratulations Heloise! You look beautiful and your coat is so glossy in your photos and video. That is a great achievement and #1 will be so proud of you.

  9. Well done, Heloise!
    We are missing the annual horse parade that takes place near my sister's home; it was cancelled.
    Hopefully next year...

  10. Concatulations Heloise! Nice to be an international sensation. Me and mum were looking and nice to see Whiskersconsin bein #1. I live in Whiskerconsin!

  11. Concatulations to you! Heloise everyone in the World now knows how very special you are (even though us who follow the Pouponette know that you are special!
    And congratulations to #1, she is special too!
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and barb

  12. Wowzers!!
    Congrats, Heliose! You are a star!

    Love your Christmas attire, too:)


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