Thursday, 13 February 2020

Thankful Thursday

Genji: The nurse came yesterday and removed the last of the staples from #1's knee!

We are thankful that's all done, but I confess it made me feel a bit queasy! We'll spare you photos of the scar. Let's just say Frankenstein comes to mind...

Even Queen Tama kept her distance until it was all covered up!

We are very thankful that everything is going according to plan. We will be even more thankful when we have our Ollie pup back. We miss him!


  1. oh now your #1 can enter an airport now without confusing da security peeps... all metal is gone, yay! that's a big step forwards, right?

  2. I'm glad #1's healing is coming along! I hope Ollie is able to return soon!

  3. We are happy to hear things are going along well.
    WE purr that continues.
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  4. We're glad to hear all is well with #1. Ollie is probably missing all of you just as much as you miss him.

  5. Tama-Chan really doesn't like the look of things!

  6. That's a lot of staples...! I'm glad #1's recovery is going well :-)

  7. Yikes, it looks like everything came out okay! I'll bet you do miss that Ollie. Heal up #1, the normal is looking for you.

  8. Glad THAT part of #1's recovery is over. They should give her a card to show the airport screeners that explains her metal knee(Tey do over here. Our huMom has her kneecap wired together but it was not replaced. Luckily she never goes anywhere anyway !) Purrs !

    1. When I had plates in my leg I used to carry a letter from my doctor for when I set the scanners off. Most airports accepted it and just used the hand held scanner over the area. Not Miami Intl. though. No, they took great pleasure in making me go in the horrible X Ray scanner booth every single time!

  9. #1 must feel so much better without all that metal work holding her together!
    I hope the healing continues to go well.

  10. Glad #1 had gotten rid of all her staples. Mum has seen knee surgery scars before. She could handle seeing this.

  11. Yay, another step forwards to a complete recovery ! Purrs

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