Friday, 7 February 2020

Friday Miscellany

Tma-Chan: We realise that we are still pretty much MIA at the moment. It's been quite hard for #1 to manage on her own at home and the physio is really draining her energy. So, we will be taking the weekend off again, but wanted to share a few pics of the two of us today. Ollie is having a great time at Ms.C's with his pal, Noelle.

We have had some really nice weather the last couple of days, and so have been enjoying sunpuddles. This morning, Genji took over the MacBook and Kindle, which explains our delay in posting...

#1 was pleased with this shot:

Here is one of the two of us hanging together:

And one of me doing a sunpuddle dangle!

And I am not forgetting my duties either!

Wishing you all a nice weekend!


  1. Good to hear that #1 is progressing.
    WE send lots of purrs as we understand the painful process.
    Mum's BIL had his knee done a little over a year ago and it took a while(especially as he is not overly active. He is now ;) )
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  2. have a good weekend too and lots of potp for a fast healing ... -5c today ... but sun and no rain... pheew...

  3. You two are so cute and taking good care of #1 too.

  4. Excellent job of taking over the electronics, Genji!

  5. The physio always seems to be the worst part, and I am sure they often try to push too far too soon. I hope #1 continues to make good progress, but I know you both will look after her.
    I haven't been commenting this week because we had a midweek break from Monday and came home today.

  6. Those really are great photos but y'all don't worry about visiting us or posting, just get #1 all better!

  7. I'm glad you've had some sun puddles - you need to recharge to keep doing your healing work for #1.

  8. Have a nice weekend ! Don't worry, we haven't been able to post last weekend, and were not able to visit anyone last week... Purrs

  9. Mum doesn't seem to have as much time for puter stuff now that she is getting around more.

  10. Those are great photos. The last one is so sweet :-)
    I hope #1 gets better soon xo


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