Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Tama-Chan's Terrific Tuesday!

Tama-Chan: Terrific, of course, because #1 is coming back today. She says she will be home by 3pm, if all goes smoothly. She did take some nice photos f me before she left. Let me star with this fun one:

Did you notice my light magic "lemur tail"?

Here I am having a sunpuddle nap, with the Blue Boy sitting above me:

That was a truly outstanding nap!

Right, I need to get back to the window. We are taking turns as lookout.


  1. I bet you all are really looking forward to #1's return!

  2. the sunlight makes the purrfect background for your fabulous furs!!! how bad that it rains today....
    will you have a reunion pawty after your #1 is back?

  3. You look so good in that nice sunshine Tama :)
    It will be very exciting at your place when #1 gets home!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. Oooh, you have very good sunspots at your house! I bet you can't wait for #1 to get back.


  5. We love the stripy effect of the sun on your tail Miss Tama-Chan. You sure find just the right spots to hang out in.

  6. Seeing your sweet face in the window will be a wonderful welcome home greeting for #1.

  7. What could be better than #1 and sun puddles
    Lily & Edward

  8. you certainly get some fabulous sunpuddles in those windows

  9. I bet #1 has missed you as much as you have missed her! And the highlight will be the overwhelming love as she steps through the door!
    Keep watching Tama! I am sure you will get the first glimpse.
    Love Barb

  10. We know #1 will be thrilled to see the beautiful you!

  11. Yay #1 is coming home! You all gotta give her tons of furry snuggles :-) I love your lemur tail, Tama-Chan!

  12. Hello ikkyuchan,

    I saw your house-sit on Mindmyhouse and have left you a message.

    I then wondered whether you were still using the site - since the ad was posted in Feb 2017 - so decided to see whether I could find you alternatively. (I guessed there weren't many people in this neck of the woods with four Abbysinian cats and a Springer Spaniel.)

    Anyway, if you're not fixed up perhaps I'd be suitable. :-)

    In case you're no longer on that site, you can get me on 0780 39 76 30. I'm currently house-sitting near Sillé le Guilluame.

    Best regards to you and your lovely animals.

    Mick Warwick

  13. We love the sunny effect on your tail ! We bet #1 will be as thrilled as you are to come back home. Purrs

  14. I bet there was a great reunion when #1 got home. I like your lemur tail effect.

  15. Gee I am glad that #1 will be home for you. I don't like it when mum goes away.

  16. Great photos and how sweet that you take turns watching for your peep.

  17. We bet that once #1 arrives, you will all be at the door to greet her. Love that tail shot, Tama.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  18. We hope #1 is home by now and you're all getting some snuggles.


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