Wednesday 7 December 2016

WonderBoy Wednesday!

Genji: Yes, it's me, GENJI! I am the WonderBoy, as you know well! I have to confess that I gave #1 a bit of a scare yesterday. I wasn't on her bed when she woke up and then I didn't come for my morning treats. It gets worse... I refused to eat my breakfast... And I just curled up in a ball, sneezing occasionally. She panicked, as she is always afraid that the pancreatitis will rear its ugly head again, but she also wondered if it wasn't me singing the blues. You see, I am the #1 cuddleboy around here and I am used to getting a huge amount of attention, but these past few weeks, Queen Tama has sort of superseded me, and I ended up in a terrible funk. #1 spoke to our energy guy and he said it was very much that. So, instead of doing her work, #1 spent all day with me, cuddling me and playing a little with me.

A little after 4pm, I got up from her lap and headed over to where she had put a tiny plate of chicken earlier. After lapping up the broth, I ate most of the chicken! She put out a little more and I lapped up that broth too. A little while later, I tucked into a tiny plate of tuna, and at 6pm, I inhaled a tiny dish of cooked low-fat minced beef! So, #1 is crossing all fingers and paws that I am over my deep funk.

#1 says she's really tired and can we please give her a bit of a break?

#1? Where is my Cat Dancer????


  1. Taking care of us kitties is a full time job - especially when we are not at 100%! I'm glad you are feeling better, Genji! Paws crossed that it was just a temporary, passing thing.

  2. Oh Genji, we sure hope you continue to feel better. We sure send tons of purrs.

  3. We hope you will find you are feeling a little better everyday Genji and maybe you will be able to help #1 to take life a little slower now.

  4. Oh Genji, we're so reliever to know that you are eating again. Not only must our food be "right" but the environment and mood of our meal times must be "right" too.
    Do you think you were having some of the same symptoms as Tama? Maybe a virus of some type. 0ur cat -brother has been having cold like symptoms for a while. Lysine gel is seeming to help him.

  5. We are so happy you are feeling better, Genji! It's such a great news you even start eating again!!! Sending a big hug:)

  6. Good to hear you are better Genji.
    Remember that #1 loves you lots, but sick kitties need the attention.
    Keep eating and purring for Tama.
    We will purr for both of you...K?
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  7. Don't scare us like that. Sending healing Frenchie vibes your way
    Lily & Edward

  8. Whew, glad to hear that you got out of your funk, Genji. #1 needs a lot of good times and no more sickness.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  9. I am glad you are feeling better again, Genji.

  10. Genji, please don't give your mum or the rest of us a scare. We understand your funk, but at least eat.


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