Wednesday 21 December 2016

Wednesday's Working Whinnies!

Vidock: Let's face it, EveryFriend. Yesterday was a testing day for #1. In the morning, she took Tama to Dr. C for a check-up. If you haven't done so you can read all about that in yesterday's post. And then in the afternoon, Mr. JP rode me for the first time since my laser surgery. Everyone was wondering how I would do... and I did GREAT! Of course, having had almost three months off, I was not quite as fit as I had once been, and I confess that I have gained a few pounds, but overall, Mr. JP was very pleased with me!

Mr. JP started by lunging me:

And he then took me for a quick spin in the woods:

Miss Violette was there to admire me as I went by...

When we got back, I got to try on the Christmas headcollar that #1 bought us:


Pretty cool, I neigh! 

And here is a pic of Miss Violette hurrying to #1 for treats!

We are all glad that yesterday is over!


  1. We are happy yesterday is over and all results for you and Tama were good :)
    Nice to see you getting back to your training again.
    Violette is like us, we come running for treats too!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. I'm glad you did so well after your down time, Vidock!

  3. You sure look festive in your Christmas headcollar Big V. We're glad to hear your visit with the trainer went well too.

  4. we don't doubt you will be back in shape in no time

  5. You are looking wonderful, Vidock! Love your Christmas headcollar. So festive and pretty!
    Glad you are doing well, and I'm also glad Tama-Chan got a good report from Dr. C :-)


  6. What's a few extra pounds between friends, right Vidock?! :D We are glad you are doing well and we think your headcollar is festive and beautiful!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  7. We sure are glad for good news like that!

  8. Well done, Vidock ! You look wonderful ! Purrs

  9. We are so very happy that you are doing so well, Vidock. Mom says she puts on the pounds too when she doesn't get to walk. BOL

    That is a beautiful Christmas headcollar - now you can be festive like Tommy and the kitties.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  10. I am glad you did well after your convalescence, vidock.

  11. Hurrah for you, Vidock! Don't overdo.

  12. You two V's are such a joy to read about and see.


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