Saturday, 29 October 2016

Savoury SEIturday

Sei-Chan: Greetings, Dear Friends! I hope you have had a good week. Ours has been quiet, which is how we like them.

You know that I eat a special renal diet, and so I have a separate feeding station on the shelf above #1's desk:

But you know what they say about variety being the spice of life? Sometimes, it's nice to taste something a little different, so I have been known to mooch around the others' feeding station.

Tra la la la, laaaaaa.....

Oh, but look here!

#1 was having a bowl of Japanese soba noodles for lunch. It looked delicious!

Could you resist this face?

Wishing you all a great SEIturday.


  1. I'm afraid my selfish human would deny you her soba noodles, Sei! She really loves them... but she might offer you a consolation cat treat.

  2. Oh boy! You know what your human would say if she caught you eating something other than your special food. You look so adorable in those pictures. It would be very hard to deny you anything.

  3. We sometimes like to check out what mum is eating too.
    That does not mean we are successful though.
    Like Summer, we will get some cat treats.
    Hmmmm, that's not too bad ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. Well, I'd even give you my food with that sweet face looking at me! Have a fun Saturday everyone!!!

  5. Coucou Sei,
    Alors tu aimes la soupe. Je ne connais pas celle là. Elle est surement plus appétissante que celles que mangent mon humaine. Les siennes manquent de viande ou de poisson !
    Tu ne manges que des croquettes ? En ce moment mon humaine elle est souvent sur un groupe de nutrition féline. Et beaucoup de gens (y compris nutritionnistes) disent qu'il faut de l'alimentation humide pour les reins. Dans ce groupe il y a une élève veto qui dit avoir lu des thèses recommandant le krill ou quelque chose comme ça. Il faudrait qu'elle retrouve exactement quoi ...
    Prends bien soi de toi.

  6. At least you got close to those yummy looking noodles. And no one could resist that look you have mastered

  7. Sei-Chan, it is important for you to have that special diet to stay well, but a little cheating now and then can't hurt, right?

    Happy Seiturday.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  8. of COURSE not! You got the soba noodles, right? #irresistible

  9. What a sweet face ! It would be hard to say "no". Purrs

  10. Nope, we sure couldn't resist that face. Such a great picture. Have a great week end.

  11. did you get some noodles? that face would be very hard to resist.

  12. OMG!?Sei-Chan, you are so cute! I love all your photos! I really like the one where you are looking head on. The pictures reveal your character, which I never noticed before. You're like... tra-la-la, no one will see me if I gently move over to #1,s soup. Uh oh! caught in the act! That face is just too much. Hope you and all your siblings had super Sei-turday!

  13. Mee-you Sei Chan you have 'thee look' down purrfectlee!!!!
    Mee wod bee moochin if mee could butt beein thee onlee kat there iss nuffin to mooch!!! ;)
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxx


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