Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tama's Terrific Tuesday!

Why Terrific, do you ask? Well, #1 is finally on the mend and has promised us that she has no travel plans for the moment! We are all happy to be together and looking forward to December and all the associated festivities, starting with my son Bibi's birthday this coming Sunday!

So, here I am in #1's bathroom. ..

There is a most excellent window in this bathroom from which I can have a great view of the field where the donkeys are. #1 raises the blinds just for me, her precious little Queen!

As it gets colder, I also enjoy relaxing on the radiator in the kitchen. It is by a window and next to the French doors (hah! isn't every door French around here?) out to the terrace, so also has great views. Unlike many of my friends, I actually like having my picture taken and enjoy posing for #1!

As it is Toesday, I will even throw in a toe or two...

Before I leave you, I have one more fun photo to share with you: It's an aerial shot showing me in one of the sky hammocks and my sister Sei-Chan on her Zabuton in the tatami space!

Here's hoping your Tuesday is terrific too!


  1. Oh Tama-Chan, I love seeing you and your gleaming coat, your muscular arms that also have a satiny sheen. I love seeing where you love to lounge and you made mom smile with your comment "isn't ever door French"?
    Yes..it is.. :-)))

  2. Tama-Chan you are looking very alluring today - we imagine many a mancat will be getting all hot and bothered looking into those soulful eyes.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. OOo... Sky hammock. How can we convince Ms. C we need one of those? We think you are a terrific model, Tama-Chan.

  4. Enviable. You have a great home.

    Nice woooh

  5. Oh look at your cozy spots and your cute little toes.

  6. It's good to hear that #1 is better AND staying around a while. Here's to a wonderful December!

  7. Those are great napping spots! I wish we had a nice radiator like that to snooze on. I would also like the sky hammock - I think I would use it to pounce on EG. hee hee


  8. Tama you have a lovely , sweet face! Our foster cat Tulip loves to pose too :)
    We love the last photo-so restful!
    Enjoy your day each and every one of you :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  9. Wow, did #1 have to grow wings to take that last photo?

  10. Hide her suitcase just in case
    Benny & Lily

  11. Tama-Chan, we sure are glad you are having such a good Tuesday. We love your face in that picture on the radiator. That is so terrific and so is that Toe. We just love your pictures. Glad you have a view of the donkeys. We love our donkeys. Take care.

  12. Wow, that is really, really high, Tama! Be careful!

  13. Hey Tommy -

    Please make sure she khooks evenly fur me ;-)


  14. Yes all of your doors would be French. we thinks that is funny. Stay warm!

  15. Tama, you are quite the diva! What wonderful poses you have. We luf those dark little toesies! Great shot of the sky hammick and sisfur down below.

  16. So wonderful to hear the good news about #1 - now let's keep her well and at home:)

    We love those two pics of you on your warming radiator - so playful and coy!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  17. Wow, what great napping places, especially the sky hammock. #1 thought of everything! Glad she is on the mend, its too busy this time of year to be sick.

  18. Tama-Chan, we are so jealous of your sky hammick!! We're glad #1 is feeling better too!

  19. Wow that sky hammock makes me a little nervous but you look perfectly comfortable :-)


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