Tuesday 29 September 2009

Sei-Chan on Toesday!

Sei-Chan: It is usually my sister, Tama-Chan, who writes the Tuesday post but she is busy! In fact, she is packing her overnight bag and she has a very smug look on her face. When I ask her where she is going, all she will say is "on business." I ask you! What kind of business could she possibly be going on? She says she will be back very soon, though. Phew! Here she is this morning, busy preening:

I do have a very important announcement to make: I am 8 months old today! #1 tells me I am looking more stunning by the minute and I tend to believe her... So I think I shall dedicate the rest of this post to ME (and my delicate pink toes!).

And my Tommy's toes too!


  1. Sei-Chan, are really already 8 month old? We well remember you when you were "little red Sir". You sure are a beauty!
    We think we know where Tama-Chan is going. Wooohooo! How utterly exciting. Here's wishing that all goes well!

  2. We are intrigued to hear more about your big sister's business. We have a sneaky suspicion, but aren't sure. If we are correct in our thinking, we are thoroughly excited!!!:)

    Sei-Chan, we agree with #1. You are such a beautiful little girl. We also recall little 'Sir'. Time sure does fly!:)

    Thankyou so much for your purrs for the little ones. We are having a bit of a crisis of confidence with them. So we have everything crossed that it will turn out well!

  3. Nice toe groupings. So what is Tama-chan going to do? Will she keep us updated?


  4. Stunning is an understatement, Sei-Chan. You look awesome. Now where is your sister going? Not nice to keep secrets from you.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  5. It is difficult to believe that you are already 8 months old, Sei-Chan! We hope Tama-Chan remembers to pack her camera!

  6. What khute toes on Toesday!

    I bet Tommy waits up fur her to khome home from her date!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  7. Beautiful tosies, indeed. Where is she going?

  8. Ah, Sei-chan, it's hard to believe that you are 8 months old already! Your toesies are perfectly pink. Chani is glad to share this trait with you (she has cute pink toesies too)

    Mom says to Tama-chan, enjoy yourself on your 'business' trip! We're not quite sure what she means, but we'll join her in sending our good wishes too!

    9 and Chani

  9. Sei-Chan it is nice to hear from you on Tuesday! And you are looking very beautiful in your pictures! Happy 8 month birthday!

    I am very curious about what Tama-Chan is doing though - what kind of businesss could she have? I can't wait to find out!

  10. You sure have cute toes! And we agree with your #1, you do grow cuter by the day ;)


  11. happy 8 months old today - you do have some adorable feets

    wonder where your sister is going? please keep us posted

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  12. Wowie, Sei-Chan, you are almost all grown up already!

  13. Happy 8 month birthay, Sei-Chan! We love your pink toesies!!!

    We can't wait to hear more about your sister's "business trip."

  14. Tama-Chan had better not be going off to do what I think she's gonna be doing. Just lie back and think of me, my darling!

  15. 8 months old! Wow, time flies! Wishing Tama-Chen the very best of luck!

    take care

  16. I'm clueless, but very curious about Tama-Chan's business trip. I don't get to go on trips ever.

    Sei-Chan, you are so grown up!

  17. Ooo, we are so close in age... *swoon* Sei-Chan *swoon*

  18. Sei-Chan, my mom loves your jellybean toes! They are very pink. I do wonder what your big sister is up to?! She's being very secretive, isn't she? Well, my mom tells me that's the way girls are!


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