Saturday 11 July 2009

Been Missing me?

Tommy here! have you been missing me? Go on! Admit that you have! I have been well and really enjoyed uncle U's visit this week. He stayed with me and my sisters when our Aussie friends went to Paris for a couple of days. He played with me a lot and gave me lots of cuddles, and he brought his camera along. So, if you would like to see me in action, please visit Uncle U's site at AB Sharpei (! There is even a perfect flying ears shot, and a picture of little Sei-Chan. Tama-Chan was playing hard to get and aws not caught on camera this time.

By the way, #1 says that, when she was touring Nova Scotia earlier this month, she came across a gorgeous 10 month old GoldenDoodle called Max, who worked at a garden centre. He reminded her of our friend Clive, so she took a photo of him and asked us to put it on the blog. So, here is Max:


  1. Silly Boy!

    What a khwestion!

    Of khourse!

    I'm off to visit the other spot!

    Tank woo fur sharing the khutie pie here!


  2. I've been missing you all soooo much! I even had to a dream last night that Mummy and I went to stay at your house in France!

  3. Yes, Tommy, we've been missing you a lot! the pictures of you that Uncle U took are great...we never can get enough of your curly flying ears. This goldendoodle is a cute dog, i'm sure he does a great job greeting people at the garden center.

  4. Max is a cutie! We stopped by AB Sharpeii to get our fix of adorable pictures of you. You look happy and adorable as always. We're sorry we missed your blogoversary...Happy (belated) Blogoversary! Your new blog header looks great. The pictures are gorgeous. We hope #1 is having a wonderful trip.

  5. Oh Tommy, we've been missing you and the girls so much. Great to hear you're having such a good time!

    We'll drop over now and have a look at the rest of your photos!

    We love the photo of Max - he looks a great Goldendoodle - thank you to #1 for thinking of us and taking the photo!

    Take care
    Clive and gang

  6. happy you are doing well - will check out the other site very soon

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  7. We have one of those golden doodles up the street from us, Izzie - but nowhere near as good looking as Clive.

    We visited your Uncle's blog - great shots.

    Woo, the OP Pack

  8. Good to see you back. YES, you were missed, you have a wonderful smile.

  9. We have been missing you! We hope that #1's trip is going wonderfully, and are happy to hear you are enjoying your time with Uncle U :)

  10. Your Uncle took some great photos of you. Tommy! You know we always enjoy those fabulous flying ears of yours!

  11. hi Tommy! Max is very cute, but now we need to see some photos of you. we're glad you're having fun. we're gonna go to see your photos now.


  12. Where's my bestest friend gone?! Tommy stop hiding Sei-Chan from me, 'cause I wanna play and so does Keekai! :)


  13. Of course we have been missing all of you!

    That is a nice picture of Max - he is a cutie!

  14. I LOVE Goldendoodles and this little guy is simply adorable! thanks for sharing the pic!



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