Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: The weather has remained fairly awful. Yesterday, we had very strong winds in addition to the rain. We should be getting some sunpuddles today, but then more rain on Wednesday. And I am still coughing, despite the cortisone. In fact, it's pretty much like it was last year, except that we now know what it is and therefore #1 has not been panicking. I guess it's like a human getting really bad hay fever. I continue to eat well and generally am in good shape. Just coughing fits throughout the day. Yuk...

As Sei-Chan has been spending ore time downstairs, I tried out her basket on the shelf above the desk:

The view is great!

I still spend a lot of time in the living room, though:

By the way, remember we told you that the #1 camera had been sent off for repairs so we were using #2? Well, #2 committed suicide a couple of days ago. Flew out of #1's hands and onto the (carpeted) floor, since when its lens has refused to budge. So, we are using camera #3... It's a good job we  have a lot of cameras lying about...


  1. I hear ya... the weather was awful yesterday butt today the roads are ice skating rinks...the cars slippered over the streets like drunken sailors...

  2. Our weather is cool and rainy too but we enjoy the heat inside the house :)
    We purr the camera problems stop before we don't get any pictures of you !
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. It sounds like #1 is having some bad luck with cameras at the moment! I hope your coughing fits go away soon, Tama.

  4. Those cameras sure aren't cooperating! I hope you get some good weather soon!

  5. So sorry about coughing, Tama-Chan. I hope it will go away soon.
    Too bad #2 camera committed suicide! I also had a camera that jumped off my hand onto the ground. It didn't survive. Glad #3 is doing a good job :-)

  6. Je compatis avec toi Tama. Les problèmes de santé saisonniers je connais et c'est pénible.
    Vivement le printemps...
    Les appareils photos c'est des trucs pénibles ...
    On espère que ta toux va partir très vite.

  7. That basket looks perfect for you, but don't tell Sei I said that. The rain arrived here this evening, but at least the bitter easterly wind has dropped a bit.

  8. Tama, our weather isn't much better. We got snow and it's really cold.

  9. What do they say about third time is a charm? Hope that is true about your cameras. Lovely Tama - we hope that cough doesn't get any worse for you.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. You are looking great Miss Tama-Chan. We can't believe that camera #2 committed suicide! Good thing #1 has lots of back ups.

  11. Always good to have flashy box backup. Well maybe for mum, not so much for us.

  12. Boo for the rainy weather. Might a humidifier help reduce your cough?

  13. Tama! WOW! I love your photos! Purrticularly the one of you peeking out of the basket!


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