Sunday, 25 June 2017

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: We shared with you how incredibly hot it was here for most of the week and I have to say that it did affect our snuggling a little bit. Nobody had any energy. Still, we soldiered on, and this is what we have for you:

First of all, here I am with my Tommy:

And a slightly blurry Sei-Chan with Tommy:

Sei-Chan decided she needed some direct cuddles with #1 so she went and sat on her in bed!

Of course, this is something that Da Genj does all the time anyway, but this week, he decided to try something different:

And you may remember that Sei-Chan likes to hold paws with #1:

Fernant is with us for the weekend and he loves to snuggle! 

Da Beebs was too busy airing out his paws to snuggle...

And Miss Violette was right at the back of her shelter, hiding from the horseflies, but The Big V was willing!

 Happy Snuggling, Everyone!


  1. Even in the heat, you guys got a lot of snuggling done!

  2. We purr your house is a bit cooler than outside.
    You still managed some decent snuggle pics :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Y'all do look darn cool with your snuggles!

  4. That's still a hot of snuggling ! We hope it gets cooler very soon. Purrs

  5. Lots of good snuggling going on at your house for sure. We also hope it gets cooler for all of you. Have a good Sunday.

  6. GOsh! Snuggling when its hot, makes it hotter! Mes too used to "air" my paws!!! The photo of da Beebs made mes laughs!!!
    Sending yous loads of Kisses
    Your Nellie Bellie

  7. That is such a cute photo of Da Beebs airing his toes.

  8. Not too bad with the snuggles despite the heat. We hope it's cooling down now.

  9. It has cooled off here, so lots of snuggles here.


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