Saturday, 22 April 2017

SEIturday Sulk (Sort of...)

Sei-Chan: It is SEIturday and, once again #1 is elsewhere. That alone is sulk-worthy, right? But we are being looked after by the very nice Mr. G, and #1 really needed a few days off, so I have decided that a full-scale sulk is not warranted this time.

I know I have shared quite a few of these sunpuddle shots over the past few weeks, but #1 says they are all different and all lovely. This next one also features my pink pawpads:

So, here is looking at YOU, Dear Friends. I hope you have a wonderful SEIturday and a lovely weekend. 


  1. I hope your weekend with Mr. G is a good one!

  2. Hello Sei,
    Le soleil te va bien. On dirait que tu es plus heureuse, plus vivante, vibrante lorsqu'il est là.
    Il faut dire que nous les chats sommes enfants du soleil.

  3. Happy Sei-turday. Just remember that #1 still managed to help you get your post ready for us to enjoy:) Even pouting, you are beautiful.

    Happy Earth Day.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  4. Those wonderful sunpuddles sure help keep the sulk away!

  5. We are glad that Mr G looks after you so well Sei, but we know you all wish #1 was home!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  6. We know Mr. G will take good care of you. You sure found some nice sun puddles.

  7. We know you'll be very well taken care of, dear Sei. Relaxing at home for the weekend with #1 would be your idea of perfection but #1 must do what she must do. And besides, she never forgets you when it comes to tasty gifts.

  8. You do look rather grumpy in the first photo, but much sweeter in the other two.


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