Saturday, 22 October 2016


Sei-Chan: Well, our guest arrived late last night and we are all looking forward to getting to know him today. Needless to say, that Blue Boy was all over him the minute he got here!

You remember my sister Tama saying that she would like to have pillows in all her favourite places, so she could rest her head? Well, I have discovered that if you ask nicely, you get what you want! I had made it quite clear to #1 that I wanted a resting space ON her desk, so I could keep a really close eye on her. Understand that the space on her desk is usually one big mess... But look what happened:

OK, so I may have been slacking a teeny bit on my supervising duties, but... this one's better!

Now, take a look at this photo:

#1 says I have very cute paws, AND she says I know how to arrange them like the perfect Japanese lady! After all, I am named after a great Japanese court lady of old, Sei Shonagon! 

There is much to be pleased about. Really.

I hope you all have a lovely SEIturday!


  1. I wish my human would set up a space on her desk for me! It would make it so much easier to supervise her.

  2. Hope you have fun with the visitor. Maybe some extra scritches.

  3. Hope you enjoy your visitor, dear Sei! You do have adorable little paws. They look like they're glowing too, just like your lovely , luminous bats.

  4. Have a fun weekend everyone! The pillows look wonderfully comfy!

  5. I will have a lovely SEIturday after having seen YOU my beauty!

  6. Sei, you are lovely and have beautiful paws. It is wonderful that #1 set up a space on her desk for you!

  7. You have lovely little paws. Was your tail being a bit wayward? I see you are holding it down. I like to lie on the desk when my mum is working there. I think she needs to put a bed on it for me too.

  8. Sei, you really know how to get what you want ;)
    WE like your toes and how you stand on your tail. We had a kitty that did that once :)
    Enjoy your day and your visitor!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  9. Oh my! So dainty and poised with those paws Sei-Chan! Now that you have pillows everywhere, Sei-Chan, you can snoopervise all over the house! That's a very important position. It's up to you, Sei-Chan, to report any unusual findings to #1. I have faith in you! You're good at your job! Thanks for sharing on this super Sei-turday!

  10. Look at those very pretty paws!!! Dainty and ladylike for sure!!! We once had a bed like that for Phantom. But he didn't like and Ms. Ciara did. SomePup chewed it a wee bit too much so it has gone to doggy bed heaven:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  11. Mes shall has to ask my Mommy for a bed on her desk. That is a marvelous idra. And darling, yous is a purrfectly beautiful lady!
    Kisses Nellie

  12. That's a great resting space on #1's desk, Sei-Chan!
    You do have very cute paws and know how to arrange them elegantly :-)

  13. You gave me a great idea, Sei. I'm going to ask the mom to put a bed on her desk so I can watch her. ~Wally


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