Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Almost Wordless Wednesday - UPDATE

Vidock: We're on our way, EveryFriend. We'll update later if we can.

#1 here. I am back from the Livet Veterinarian Equine Hospital Centre. It would seem that the Big V is suffering from laryngeal hemiplegia, also known as Roaring, in which one of the pieces of cartilage that usually open and close in the larynx becomes paralysed, thus obstructing the airway. He will have laser surgery (through an endoscope) tomorrow afternoon to scrape away some excess tissue and restore better air flow. It will involve just local anesthetic. All going well, he should be able to come home on Friday. His heart, by the way, is that of an athlete, and he weighs 880kg (1,950lb)! A few more purrs, woofs, neighs and crossed paws would be appreciated on Thursday.


  1. OMG ! so close to your face !
    Vidock, please do see me as a cat, not a yummy carrots =^x^=
    Bon Appétit

  2. Good luck Vidouc!
    We purr for good news.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. We are relieved that what ails the Big V is fixable by surgery. We will keep our paws crossed and are sending all the POTP we can for a successful surgery.

  4. Sending you lots of hugs V
    Lily & Edward

  5. I am sending purrs for tomorrow, Vidock. Is it a Hobday procedure that you are having? That is very good news that you have a healthy heart.

  6. Vidock, I've been praying for you. I know you will be ok. I'm in your corner. You are so big and strong! Even your heart is super! I'm sure the whole clan at home is on the edge of their seats just waiting to hear good news. Hang in there,#1! He's going to be fine. Vidock's whole family back home are rooting for him!

  7. We hope the laser surgery will go smoothly and Vidock will get better soon. Glad to know his heart is strong :-) Sending purrs and hugs. xoxo

  8. C'est plutôt une bonne nouvelle.
    Au moins il y a une solution chirurgicale.
    Avoir un coeur solide c'est tellement important.
    Bon courage.
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat

  9. Excellent news from the vet. They found something that they can fix and it is not your heart. My worst fears were that it would be congestive heart failure or that the vet would know something was very wrong but not be able to find a cause.
    Our prayers continue to be with you, sweet boy. And we are sending you all of our love ...hope you can feel it. Is this something horses just "get" or is it caused by something that was done that wasn't good for you?
    P.S we'll be keeping your surgeon in our prayers too.

  10. We cross our paws and hope the surgery goes well. Purrs

  11. That sounds promising and we are all sending mega purrs to you Vidock.

  12. we sure hope the surgery helps and are sending purrs for a quick recovery

  13. Although surgery is no fun, it sounds like this one may solve the problem. All the best to you and Vidock.

    Woos - Lightning

  14. We're so glad everything went well for you, Vidock, and they figured out what was going on. We purr you are back to normal in no time.

  15. VIDOCK! SMOOCHIES! I am reading backward so I know you are alright! That WEIGHT! WHEW!


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