Thursday, 8 September 2016

Tommy Thursday

Tommy: I must say that it has been a pretty fun time for me lately. I have been going lots of places with #1 and the weather has been pretty nice so we have been enjoying lots of nice romps in the field.

Yesterday, I went out lunching with #1 to a friend's house, and she took this photo of me:

I always put on my best smile when we go visiting!

Now here is one of me looking cute in the kitchen yesterday morning, but #1 was not that amused. You see, I give her a really hard time about eating my breakfast. She has to cajole and cajole and cajole me into it. It's not that I am not hungry because if we are going somewhere and she takes my food bowl to the car with us,  I gulp down my food as though I hadn't eaten for weeks. She things I am playing her...

Now here is one of me looking manly in the field:

And another:

And here is one from the end of lats week, when I went out to lunch with #1 and a friend:

And, finally, one of me taken when we went to the woods with the Big V:


  1. How fun that you get to go so many places with #1!

  2. When you go as many places as you do Tommy, it must feel like eating out.
    Maybe #1 should take your bowl and put it in the porch.
    That way, it would feel like you are dining out ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. You're very lucky to get taken to so many places Tommy.

  4. Those are great photos of you, Tommy! We are glad you are getting to visit lots of places with #1!

  5. you go on some fun adventures.....but be careful messing with the breakfast schedules

  6. You are a good boy Tommy! That's why you get to go to a lot of places. You're so smart, responsible, and a leader. Everyone loves you! You've got enough personality for a million dogs! Have a great day, and pass it on to the rest of the clan!

  7. Look at that big smile. You are obviously having a fun time
    Lily & Edward

  8. It looks like you had a lot of fun and great time visiting so many places ! Purrs

  9. Mee-you Tommy yur so hansum an reegal lookin inn yur fotoss!!!
    An mee doess that with Ladymum all so. Purrtend mee not want mee shee makess a BIG fuss an then mee eatss it all uppy, mew mew mew....
    Wishin you an the Chanss an V'ss an Numburr #1 a pawsum weekend!
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxx

  10. I'm glad to see you having such a good time Tommy, you sure look happy!

  11. Gosh Tommy, yous has the bestest smile! And my hairy slobbery sister Bob used to do that not eating in the house thing, but eating in the car...mes thought she was the only dog that did that!
    Many Kisses

  12. You have a lovely big smile, Tommy. My mum has a job getting me to eat too.

  13. Tommy you are such a social animal going visiting all the time.

  14. You sure have a nice smile Tommy but we sure don't understand the not eating breakfast thing at all. We happily gulp down any meal and snack sent our way.

  15. Now Tommy, you have to eat your breakfast. They say it is the most important meal of the day and mom thinks so too! Maybe you need Mad Fernant to visit? He can urge you to eat or HE will.

  16. Woo KNOW how Totes Jelly we are of all woo get to enjoy with YOUR #1!

    Maybe Jacques The Brittany khould help khajole woo into eating YOUR Tommy Chow!

    Khyra, Holly, and Khousin Bentley The Khamper


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