Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Is it me or are Tuesdays coming around faster than they used to? I feel this should be sometime on Sunday....

Things have been quiet here. #1 has been resting a lot and Mad Fernant is here again (that sounds like a contradiction in terms, doesn't it?). His family gets back on Wednesday night and they say that this will be it. They are staying put for s while. Phew!

My main complaint is about the serious lack of sunpuddles lately. It's supposed to be stormy and much colder in the coming days, but maybe we will get a little sunshine too? I know that #1 is always at the ready with her camera.

Anyway, we must make do with what we have so let's see what I can offer you this week. It's been quite a while since I did any serious dangling. This shot is OK but not the best. In truth, I pulled my foot back in just before #1 clicked...

I have, however, continued my post-shower assistance to #1:

Here is a pensive close-up for you:

And that is it from me today. Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I hope your sun puddles return soon, Tama!

  2. You look lovely as always Tama.
    It is nice that you keep close to #1, especially as she recovers.
    We like your pensive look too.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. My weather is going to be extreme tomorrow too !
    Opposite to yours
    Mine is going to be " Hot Blast" tomorrow.
    41 ºC or 105.8 ºF

    Well, Best of luck for all of us

  4. Tama-Chan we are totally fed up with the weather here too - one glimpse of sun and we are rewarded with three days of rain.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Hi Tama Chan! Yep, it's Tuesday. I have to say I absolutely love your pensive look on the last photo! It's great! What I like even more about it is that you've crossed your paws! I guess you're all happy that you have only one more day with Mad Fernant!? He can't be all that bad. He's so cute! Anyway, I'm glad #1 is getting even better today! That calls for a happy Tama Chan Tuesday!

  6. we wish we had some sun here too....it is currently COLD and SNOWING (ewwww)

  7. We are also deficientbin sun puddles
    Lily & Edward

  8. I think Tuesdays come faster than they used to be. But that's OK 'cause it means we get to see your post faster :-)
    It's getting colder here, too. I hope sun will show up for you!

  9. You're looking darn good and I do hope the sun will cooperate and show up soon!

  10. Tama, honey, your dangle NEVER displeases!


  11. You're looking great as always Miss Tama-Chan. We are lacking for sun puddles over here too.

  12. We hope you get some sunpuddles back soon - but we do love that pensive shot:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  13. Lots of sun puddles, but it is furry cold outside.

  14. Je t’enverrais bien un peu de mon soleil Tama. C'est tellement agréable.
    Tu es très jolie comme ça, pensive.


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