Saturday, 23 January 2016

Solitary SEIturday

Se-Chan: Dear Friends we have been abandoned! #1 has gone off to Paris for the weekend to see a variety of cousins, a nice exhibition, and eat some food she can't get here, I suppose it's OK for her to have some fun after being sick for so long and what makes it acceptable is that there won't actually be a whole day without her. She is leaving mid-morning today and wil be back early evening tomorrow.

We had one day of decent weather and sunpuddles, so #1 got out her camera. I was enjoying the warmth of the nice radiator seat (those old-fashioned radiators are great!):

And here is a nice photo of me supervsing #1 from my perch on the shelf above her desk:

Last evening, #1 decided to watch her recording of an episode of the new series of Midsomer Murders, so I watch with her for a bit:

 And that is all I have for you, so I leave you with wishes for a lovely weekend. #1 mentioned that our friends on the East Coast of the USA might be snowed in a bit, so please take care.


  1. It sounds like #1 is having a nice, short trip! We are gone this weekend, but we won't be gone long either.

  2. Sounds like a good trip for #1. Short enough that she won't over tire herself. We love Misdomer Murders too but only get the old replays. Hope you get in some first class napping when #1 is away! Maybe she'll bring back treats!

  3. YOur photos are sure terrific! We hope #1 has some fun!!!

  4. Sounds like a good weekend as #1 will only be away for overnight.
    Genji might not like that part ;)
    We purr she enjoys the food she can only get in Paris.
    Sounds like a treat.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. I hope #1 has a good time during her short trip. That looks like a good bed on the radiator.

  6. I miss having radiators, they were great for warming clothes.

  7. Well as *our* mom had the Nerve to Abandon us for Atlanta for a week (and get sick THERE where our purring did absolutely NO good), we must say, we think #1's way of doing things is in the Proper ORder: get sick at home with kitties to nursemaid, and THEN travel!

  8. Happy Sei-turday! I'm so glad there are sunpuddles for everyone to bask in. The radiator is a great place to keep warm as well. You guys will be fine without #1 for a while. I love your pictures Sei-Chan. You're awfully cute! Enjoy the weekend everybody!

  9. We wish #1 a nice trip, and hope for you it will be short ! Purrs

  10. I hope #1 will have fun time in Paris! She sure deserves that after being sick for a long time. Glad you got some sunpuddles. We had our first snow for this winter, but it's mostly melted away already. Happy Seiturday xoxo

  11. Glad to see all the kittie faces. Hope #1 doesn't over do on her trip. Too much rich foods and all.

  12. Is it too late to zip over for a visit? I wouldn't want you to pine away with loneliness...

    XX Maui

  13. Coucou Sei,
    Ici on aime toutes ta photo en haut de ton "perchoir".
    Il y a des humains comme ça, qui ont la bougeotte..
    Mais comme ça, quand elle revient ta #1 je suis sure que tu as encore plus de câlins !


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