Sunday, 3 January 2016

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Our very first SoS post for 2016 is going to be somewhat incomplete since the Vs have apparently not been very cooperative this past week. We Chans and Tommy, on the other paw, have done pretty well.

Here I am, loving on my Tommy:

And being strangled snuggled by #1:

 Here is our Tommy having a morning suggle with #1:

Da Genj going undercover with #1:

Sei-Chan undercover with #1:

And having a morning snuggle with Tommy:

 Da Beebs having a snuggle with #1:

Fernant snuggling with #1:

And Tommy snuggling with his latest stuffie, the world's biggest burger:

Now we mentioned earlier that we didn't have snuggle pics of the Vs, but what we do have for you is a pic of #1 snuggling with Violette's Mama, Hotesse!

Remember, Sundays are for Snuggling!


  1. I had a BATH on Saturday, so I'd better get some snuggles today.

  2. Those look like pawsome snuggles!
    That's the way to start 2016.
    Hotesse looks pretty. Is that her Winter coat?
    Happy New Year!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. Those are wonderful snuggles for the New Year!

  4. There's a lot of snuggling going on today, Tama Chan. All of you like to snuggle with Tommy and #1.It's so cute! The picture of you being strangled by #1 is so funny! I especially enjoyed the photos of Da Genj and Sei Chan going undercover with #1! Da Beebs and even Fernant snuggled with #1! So much love! Tama Chan... did you see Tommy's stuffed, enormous burger? He loves it! That is so cool! That's not all. I saw Violette's Mama snuggling with #1 as well! Now that's what I call a snuggly Sunday!!!!

  5. Ben alors Tama, tu te laisses étrangler sans réagir ...
    J'adore la tête de Genji et son air tout à fait réveillé !
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat

  6. As always I had to come by for some snuggles and you all did wonderful-

  7. #1 can always rely on her snuggles from Tommy and the Chans. At least she didn't miss out on an equine snuggle with Hotesse coming to the rescue.

  8. It looks like it might be cold there with all those snuggles. We are sure the V's will make it up to #1 this week.

    Happy SoS!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  9. Those are all great snuggles. Miss Hotesse has such a sweet look.

  10. Most excellent snuggles! ANDMes must my house,the mom always comes through with the snuggles.Kudos to Violetta Mommy!

  11. Yep, me and mum like to snuggle on Sunday's too.

  12. We love all this snuggling even if the Vs didn't cooperate. Maybe they will next week.


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