Friday, 22 January 2016

Feline Friday

Da Beebs: Not enough pics of us Chans the last couple of days, don't you think? Actually NO pics of us Chans the last couple of days. The situation must be rectified NOW!

Excuse me whilst I check out this pizza...

Apparently, it was not OK for me to try some. Stingy #1! 

Da Genj: I had a slightly upset tummy yesterday. #1 has some really good stuff for upset tummies but giving me any kind of medication is a nightmare (the other three Chans take what's given. I FIGHT!). Anyway, she managed to get some down me without to many scratch marks and I am feeling a lot better. And there were some sunpuddles yesterday!

Tama-Chan: Can you pipe down? I am trying to get some beauty sleep here!

Sei-Chan: Yes. Quiet is a good thing, Boys!



  1. Those boys can be noisy, can't they?

  2. The boys are the loud ones here as well!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. We hope Genji is much better today.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. We're glad your tummy is doing better Genji and we hope it stays that way. Y'all enjoy your Friday!

  5. Nice to see you all. I am glad your tummy feels better.

  6. Bibi ta pizza a l'air super appétissante. Le fromage... j'adore le fromage. N'écoutes pas ceux qui disent qu'elle n'est pas pour toi.
    Genji c'est pas bien du tout de ne pas prendre gentiment tes médicaments. Quand on est malade il faut se soigner. Moi je n'aime pas trop ça, mais jamais je mors ou je griffe Nat à Chat. Ca ne se fait pas. Bon, l'important c'est que tu aille mieux. Le soleil c'est bon pour le morale.
    Les filles vous me faites penser à Loustiquette ....

  7. We're you're feeling better today, Genji. That pizza looks very yummy : are there anchovies ? Purrs

  8. Good to see all the Chans looking good. That pizza looks delish to us - not even a tiny taste???

    Da Genj - glad #1 got those meds in your tummy so you can be better.

    Woos- Ciara and Lightning

  9. Hi felines! I hear Genji wasn't feeling well. It's a good thing #1 was able to get the medicine down Da Genj without too many battle wounds! Tama Chan and Sei Chan think you boys are too loud! What do you think Da Beebs? Are they right? It's a shame there hasn't been any sun puddles lately. I know how much you all love to "bask" in them! Hopefully there will be soon. Tell everyone to have a fantastic feline Friday!

  10. Noisy boys! Glad you are feeling better, Gengi!


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